Monday, November 04, 2013

Join me as I try to Post everyday in November

I signed up for a November challenge, to create something everyday. It doesn't have to be a painting, it could be a poem, a thought but you have to post something you create daily. So, I am already behind but I will jump in now. Better late than never. I picked the last of my persimmons off the tree before we left for Houston, taking many with us to snack on during our trip. When I returned home none of the kids had snagged the last few so I decided to do a small painting of them before I eat them! Will you join me in the fun of creating something and posting everyday in November? Check out all the details here, and join me!
Day 4- Thankful for the Harvest!


Jane LaFazio said...

Beautiful! One of my favorite subjects.

Desiree Habicht said...

Thanks Jane!

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