Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The guardian of the vegetable garden

I have always had a vegetable garden. I love growing my own food, organically. Being able to go out and pick things right from the yard and then prepare them for dinner just feels right. I remember when the kids were little they loved to go into the garden and pick the strawberries or sweet peas and eat them right off the plant. I am glad that we never had to deal with pesticides. I have grown some pretty different things, trying to keep the kids interested in the garden. I have grown gourds, blue potatoes, peanuts, jicima, pumpkins, loffa sponges and more. Now my garden is so small compared to years back. It is just about the right size for the three of us. I could use one more bed but I spill over into the yard a bit and I think it is working. This year I bought a scarecrow and two crows just for fun. I thought the grandkids would like them. I put them into the garden box and now they are almost covered by the brocolli and cauliflower. Here is my sketch of my little vegetable garden and the new guardian of the food!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Arbutus- 2010 Garden Moleskine Sketchbook

I decided to finally paint in the big Moleskine sketchbook I bought some time ago. I had been saving it for something special but I wasnt sure what that was. This year I decided to make it my garden sketchbook. Our yard is finally just about done, and we love spending time out there. For most of our marriage we have loved working outside, there is something about turned soil, growing things to eat and seeing the reward for all of your hard work that continues to call us back. This yard has been by far the most involved, combining elements of design, function, disability access and beauty. I thought it would be great to paint it through out this year, at different stages. The poppies were my first post, this is my second, the Arbutus or strawberry tree

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nap time

In my painting group online called Painting Friends we do a weekly challenge called "Friday Foto". We have to paint or draw the photo and post. I haven't had much of an opportunity to participate due to time constraints but today I made it a point to paint one of the challenges. Stephie, a wonderful artist and amazing photographer posted this weeks picture she took at the zoo. Here is my kitty picture, thanks Steph.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Painted Paper towel quiltlet

This is my SAQA auction quilt this year, its very springy. I love to save the used paper towels from my students when they take one of my painting classes. These paper towels often turn out better than some of the painted fabrics. The are usually used to wipe up an assortment of colors and turn out beautiful, they are wonderful for collage pieces. I painted the fabric background and then used the paper towels to create the flowers. The leaves are first painted loosely onto the wet fabric then I added dyed silk fabric for the leaves. Some thread work and beads to help give it some texture finish it off. I hope you like, it will be available for bid coming soon. 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Walk with the Animals

Every year the Humane society has a walk to raise money for the shelter, even after all these years we are still involved. Jennifer was the manager before her accident and she still loves the animals and what she did so we enjoy supporting them through different events. The walk this year was amazing. I can't believe how big its gotten, hundreds of people and their dogs showed up around 8ish to have a pancake breakfast and then go on the walk around the lake. The weather was wonderful and everyone seemed to have a great time.We took Chloe and Pee wee who enjoyed all the other dogs and treats they were handing out. There was agility demonstrations and freesby dogs too.  Here are a few sketches and pictures

This last picture is a friend that Pee wee found and he loved her. He keeps trying to talk her into coming onto his lap, but Pee wee would not oblige, she allowed him to love on her on her terms only, LOL. Such a girl.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Quilted card

Quilted card
Originally uploaded by ddhabicht

I often experiment with new and different techniques on small pieces of fabric. I end up with lots of quiltlets, small pieces of art that have no purpose other that being a happy quiltet. Today I made a card by taking my little piece of fabric and putting onto a stabilizer, then I did some outlining in black thread with my free motion foot. Once I was happy with that I switched over to a zig zag stitch and added some ribbon and metalic threads and stitched it all down to the card base at the same time. I left about 3" of ribbon hanging off of the end so I could tie a bow. I think it makes a great card for someone special, its also a great way to use those left over quilt blocks. You can purchase card stock with envelopes at a craft store or art store. Enjoy

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finally I can reveal the whole quilt- Tortured Soul

I know that I only posted a small cropped image of this quilt since we were all sworn to silence prior to the judging. I am sharing all of it now, yesterday I was informed that the piece was selected to hang in the show that will be at Long Beach, CA this year. I will be posting more information on the right side soon. It was an invitational juried exhibit so I was not only honored to be asked again this year but so excited when we were emailed the list of accepted quilts. Our group that did the fractured quilt in Sallys honor were all asked to submit quilts this year and I am proud to say the three of us were excepted this year! Yeahhhhh, way to go everyone.  The theme was "Beneath the surface" and my quilt depicts the things that haunt us or torment us that we keep hidden or buried beneath the surface. I did this sketch in life drawing class and even as I drew her she looked haunted and I wondered what she was thinking or worrying about. The sketch has always been one of my favorites since it really showed worry. When I decided to try and translate it into fabric I was worried it would lose the haunting look she had. I am happy with it. It is done with machine applique, paint, micro stippling and thread work, I have also hidden about 8 words within the background, you have to search them out to find them. Its another message of caring enough about each other to look past the surface and to share the true persons issues. It is the hope that we not let our relationships be so shallow but we reach deeper and care for each other.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Poppies are bloomin'

I am always drawn to flowers, it doesn't matter if its in a yard, or on a hillside they captivate me and draw me in. I love them so much that every year I fill my yard with them, all different varieties and colors. I do have my favorites though, the ones that seem to revisit my much loved gardens every year. In the spring I love the faces of pansy's and rannaculas and those poppies. Their single petals, long, slender stems swaying in the wind as the sun lights them up is worth waiting for. They burst open every morning, waiting for me to come and soak it all in. We attempted to plant and prune in a timely manner this year, trying to ensure tons of blooms for the garden tour. We were selected, along with 5 other homes, to be on the local tour. I am hoping that the yard will wake up in time to be in full bloom but with all the rain, and the cold I don't know if the yard will cooperate this year.Here is my painting from this morning, sitting on the grass, soaking in the sun as I painted poppies.  

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Textured Fruit

Playing with textures and colored pencils on fabric here are some pears. I also used watercolors in the background before applying the colored pencils.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Another Sneak Peek of a WIP

This is a piece I am working on, trying to finish for a deadline fastly approaching. With all the
interuptions this week I am praying I will finish. Just another sneak peek at a
different project that is 36" x 48"

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Peek at my new project

Peek at my new project
Originally uploaded by ddhabicht
Playing with some watercolor techniques, in inbetween sewing my latest art quilt. Sorry its blurry, taken with my phone. I started with a picture printed on my printer onto regular paper, you use vodka to transfer to paper, then enhance and add more paints, at the same time I incorporated tape layers to give it depth. At the end I pulled paint off using a stencil and a scrub brush.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

March 3, Blakes Birthday

In the middle of headline disasters, busy schedules, family deaths comes a breathe of fresh air, a new life. It brings with it so much more than itself, it brings hope and renewal. A promise of a tomorrow full of dreams and aspirations. Is it just a baby?, yes, that too. A cute, fat, healthy baby boy, Blake weighing in at 9 lbs. 6 oz. at 11:11. We spent the last 12 hours watching our latest miracle happen, our family grew again, we are now 15. Happy Birthday Blake

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Randy's birthday weekend and Houses for Haiti

Nothing warms my heart like having family around. We had two of our grandchildren this weekend and I had lots of things planned. The clouds rolled in on Saturday and it poured most of the day, it was a perfect day to stay inside, in our pj's and work on crafts. I always have an art project when they come to stay. I love that I am the "artist" Nana, the one that shares their creative side. I shared the Houses for Haiti project with them and they were excited to become a part of trying to help other kids. We had such fun making eggplant sandwiches (I got menu requests via email prior to their visit) and making houses on Saturday. They are amazing young people, with sweet, loving spirits and so much fun. Here we are, working on our houses, which totaled 59 that we are selling to raise money to send to Haiti relief. They chose Doctors without Borders as the charity to send their money.

On Sunday night everyone came to the house to celebrate Randy's birthday. I made spaghetti, salad and garlic toast and we ate and talked and played with the twins as they ran back and forth through the kitchen. Melissa laid in the recliner, having small contractions and hopes that her first baby will soon arrive. At one point that night, in the middle of all the activity, I looked around and listened. I thanked God for this crazy bunch of people I call my family, with all of their imperfections, perfections, quirks, personalities we love them so much. I listened to the loud roar of the conversation, the TV, the kids screaming and laughing, the noisy toys and for a minute I just let myself absorb the glory of it all. How lonely it would be without them, how thankful I am for each of them. After dinner the games began, all the kids included and then pie instead of cake. Here is our weekend celebration and our Haiti houses we are selling. It was a weekend the house was full of the sounds of laughter, kids giggling in their beds instead of sleeping, little feet running up and down the halls, video games and laughter, did I mention laughter!

Wow, now to clean up the mess!

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