Monday, March 22, 2010

Painted Paper towel quiltlet

This is my SAQA auction quilt this year, its very springy. I love to save the used paper towels from my students when they take one of my painting classes. These paper towels often turn out better than some of the painted fabrics. The are usually used to wipe up an assortment of colors and turn out beautiful, they are wonderful for collage pieces. I painted the fabric background and then used the paper towels to create the flowers. The leaves are first painted loosely onto the wet fabric then I added dyed silk fabric for the leaves. Some thread work and beads to help give it some texture finish it off. I hope you like, it will be available for bid coming soon. 


Joan said...

This looks so colorful and lovely!!! Such a spring feeling!! I love your idea of saving the painted paper towels for collages (something I'd like to get into).

ahmed said...
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ahmed said...

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