Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Muskateer birthday

It was Dawn's birthday weekend, Mike planned this wonderful getaway at a Winery and spa. He called a bunch of her friends and asked us to come down and surprise her, we did! What fun we had. We started in the wine tasting room where we all purchased some wine. Mike made his way to their little suite where he set out all the wonderful food he had smuggled down for the occasion. Dawn was so surprised and we had a wonderful time laughing, tasting wine, eating and meeting new friends. What a great way to spend a birthday... hint, hint.

DSDF Weekly challenge

This is my quick watercolor done from the photo she puts up as a reference. I love these challenges, she doesn't want a carbon copy of the photo, she wants our artists vision for it. I am working on getting better about choosing what to paint and what to leave out. What colors to use, what ones to avoid. I did this fairly quickly, added some pastels. I think it would have been much more powerful if it was vertical not horizontal, plus the guy looking off is a no-no, that is the compostition that should have been changed. I did eliminate lots of people in the background. Its funny, I knew I should move him to either make him a part of their conversation or give him something to look at but......

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Surprised again

I happened to be looking at the SAQA blog and was looking at some of the Call for entries. I went to Visions which is an art quilt gallery in San Diego and they are using my quilt as part of their advertising. I am very honored and surprised to see it when I opened up the website. Here is the link for anyone interested in it. One of lifes little surprises, thank God for those!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Glass Beach

I had to remove my post since I was told that we were not allowed to post any pictures of the accepted quilts until after the show. That is the normal rule, but we were given permission to post ours. This quilt is called Glass Beach, it is done with paints, inks, discharging techniques, photo transfer and fusible.

The challenge was to create a quilt with the theme of Edges, and whatever that means to us. My quilt is about a place I visited this last summer called Glass Beach. At glass beach years ago, they used to throw the old glass bottles into the ocean. Tons and tons of old, broken bottles went into the sea. The ocean stirred them around a bit and then one day decided to start spitting them out onto shore. In this one small area of beach the sand is mostly comprised of polished glass. The ocean had taken our trash and turned it into a treasure. People come from all over to sit and collect the glass. They make jewelry etc with it and sell it now. When we received the challenge I remembered my jar of glass from glass beach.

The message of my quilt is that tragic events start as pieces of sharp glass that can cut us and cause us to bleed. Time, like the ocean, takes them and tosses them and polishes them until the sharp edges are gone. They can no longer hurt us or make us bleed, we then can store them in a special place in our hearts.

The quilt was accepted to hang at the Long Beach IQA Show this July. It will be with the special display called "Edges". Hope to see you there.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Dearl or No Deal

Last night we went out to dinner with Rick and Rose to celebrate Randy's birthday. We had such a great time catching up with all the excitiment at their house. Their kids are still young so they are in the throws of soccer, grades, college selections, pee wee league, oh those busy, busy days. I remember and thank God everyday that I am not doing that anymore! LOL Its true that we love the season in our life but are glad for a change.

We got home and I was not really tired, actually I couldn't sleep at all. I ended up turning on the TV and "Deal or No Deal" was on, it was a special speed show where they picked all their cases at once and only had 20 seconds to decide. It made for fast and furious tv, but it did change the people up much faster than normal. I grabbed my little sketchbook by the bed and started to sketch the contestants. Trying to capture their look and personality quickly since they would only flash to them when they were considering the bankers offer. It made for a great, quick challenge and study of faces. I might have to do this more often.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Another UFO captured and defeated!!

I finished this little quilt up a few weeks ago. It is about 24"x 24" , I hand painted it with dyes , it was inspired by a photo I took of an Agave Succulent. I know it looks abstract but I like that about it. It is bright and cheery, I embellished the background with crystals and I did alot of thread painting. It was a great smaller project, in a new medium for me. I like the bright, bold colors of dyes, don't know if I like the fuss.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I lost a friend the other day. Suddenly, without warning and she was gone. Its these times when we are forced to ponder more deeply than normal. To think about the harder questions that we avoid on most normal days. The plans, the trips, the group photo we promised to take at our next meeting will not be. Its another reminder that our days are limited and few. I believe in something more than this, a bigger purpose. My hope is not in myself but in the the blood of a savior. But it still stops us in our tracks, where ever we are, and makes us think.

Originally uploaded by ddhabicht

No matter how fleeting our encounter, how brief or long our journey together, we all leave footprints. It reminded me of the day a Gromans Chinese theater, looking at the impressions of the famous actors hands and feet prints. These are like the impressions we leave on the hearts of those we love and touch. I am sad, and I will miss you, you reminded me to be an encourager and a motivator always. And although we didn't agree on everything we had a passion for our gift and we shared it. You touched my life.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I have been cramming to finish an art quilt before the deadline. I got it done and thought I would share it here, with only my closest friends. Whats so unique about this quilt is that it is done all in pencils, different kinds of pencils, watercolor, colored pencils etc. So basically I colored the quilt. This one I did in a faux marbling technique to mimic a marble floor. I am sure I will get some raised eyebrows from the traditional quilters. LOL
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