Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I lost a friend the other day. Suddenly, without warning and she was gone. Its these times when we are forced to ponder more deeply than normal. To think about the harder questions that we avoid on most normal days. The plans, the trips, the group photo we promised to take at our next meeting will not be. Its another reminder that our days are limited and few. I believe in something more than this, a bigger purpose. My hope is not in myself but in the the blood of a savior. But it still stops us in our tracks, where ever we are, and makes us think.

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No matter how fleeting our encounter, how brief or long our journey together, we all leave footprints. It reminded me of the day a Gromans Chinese theater, looking at the impressions of the famous actors hands and feet prints. These are like the impressions we leave on the hearts of those we love and touch. I am sad, and I will miss you, you reminded me to be an encourager and a motivator always. And although we didn't agree on everything we had a passion for our gift and we shared it. You touched my life.


Ai said...

I am sorry to hear about your loss. May be that is a hint from God to tell us to do what we love to do today, visit or chat with our dear friends as often as we can, and take our little/mini trip as often as we can.

Sandy said...

Oh such a touching tribute, and all too true, we all need to stop and smell the flowers and count our blessings. Lovely Post, God Bless.

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