Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fabric Postcards

Have any of you tried these fabric postcards? They are a hoot and so fast. I belong to an online group and we send to people all over the world, its fun and allows me to play and finish fast. For those days when I am dying to play with fabric but don't have time to start a big project. Here is my latest one, we had to use things supplied by someone else and create the card. I hand painted the face and cut it in half and made two "indian princess's".

Monday, November 13, 2006

My book

Hi everyone, I am doing pretty well on keeping up with my word count. I find that as I become engulfed in the whole process of story telling I start to recall things that have long been buried. The concept is to get as much information down and then go back and edit, edit, edit later. So its so very rough but at least I am getting it out. I am at around 22,000 words now, almost half way and I am only in week 2, I know that it will start to move quicker now but I still have so much to get down. I am putting in the link to the site and my book, if you click on "read an excerpt" it will take you to the book and you can read it. My nano name is Imararefind so dont be concerned if you don't see my real name anywhere. Let me know if you do read any of it! NaNoWriMo

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Another Christmas card to choose from

Ok, I got another one painted to add to the choices for this years cards. I love the feel of old Christmas scenes, the whole Charles Dickens thing. I might do a few and then choose one still working on it. I am doing ok on the novel too, it is hard to stay focused for me. I have so many projects going all the time that I find I have to force myself to sit and write for hours. I am still doing ok on my word count which shows up on the bottom right side of my blog on the Nanowrimo icon. I got a bit behind since I didn't feel like writing for a few days. My goal now is to get ahead in anticipation of the holidays that are quickly approaching.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Our sycamore tree

I love the fall colors although we get a limited and abreviated version of the spectacular display they have back east we do have a few trees that put on a show for us in the fall. I planted many coloring trees in our yard so I could enjoy the season too. But... usually sycamores don't really color, they just start looking old and dry and then they loose their leaves. This year a few of mine decided to give me a treat and they got a beautiful color of yellows and oranges and then within a week they just dumped their leaves. My poor husband had been out with the leave vacumn everynight after work in an effort to keep our neighbors from declaring war. The neighbors pulled out every tree that even looked like it would shed a leaf and planted palms, stupid queen palms. They are ok, I have 4 but, my goodness, they have tons of them, the guy across the street planted probably 50 of them, it looks like a palm farm. Can we talk about making some landscaping choices. Any way, don't get me started, so I ended up collecting all the rejected trees that were being ripped out and discarded as though they had no value because they were not in the palm family! We were given some beautiful trees as street trees and I made sure I looked them up if I wasn't familiar with them. The builder changed the trees on every street, so my street tree is different from the guy behind me. It was so beautiful in the beginning. But as the landscapers came in they ripped out most of them and put in palms. I know that trees that go deciduous are more work but their contribution to the yard is so worth it. One of my rescued trees is called a Chinese fringe tree, they are just covered in blooms during the spring, it is a blast of white and they color up a bit in the fall, the others are Pistache and liquid amber which put on a wonderful fall display. I moved mine but kept all of them and brought in more so... the leaves are an issue. Anyway, off of my soap box, I painted the tree and photographed it too. The color was great. Here to enjoying variety in all things!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Our Anniversary

It was our 26th wedding anniversary this weekend, we went down to Laguna Beach to stay the night and had dinner. It was really wonderful, and the weather was perfect. We went to a great resturant called "Hush" it was in LB overlooking the Pacific Coast highway, we sat outside infront of the fireplace and had a great dinner, pumpkin bisque, garlic ribeye, and a unique cinnamon ice cream with bread pudding. It was really quite nice and Randy was so romantic, and he is so good to me. After all these years he is still the nicest person I know. Anyway we stayed at the Marriott in Fashion Island and it overlooked a golf course and you could see the ocean. We spent the next day walking on the beach and through all the shops and art galleries, it was a great way to celebrate our life together. We appreciate those few special moments so much more now, we try not to take our time together for granted at all. Each moment is precious. I just love the picture of our shadows in the sand, Randy wrote 26 years. He's just so handsome too, whats not to love!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Hi everyone, I wanted to update you on my writing so far. I have been really good about my writing, but remember I am a good starter and a not so good finisher. Keep me going, I am depending on you. If you are interested in reading a exerpt you can by going to the authors and looking me up. I go by imararefind, I have about 7500 words now, so I am above the required number for the three days. The website is www.nanowrimo.org .
I have also been working on an invitation for the gingerbread party I do every year, I supply the house and everyone bring 2 bags of different candies or cookies to share and we all decorate our house. Its tons of fun and is a great mom and kids holiday adventure that they can do together.
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