Saturday, January 31, 2015

Check out the WILD THINGS I have been working on!

With the holidays and the quilt show time has managed to get away from me! I had an amazing time getting to meet lots of new people at Road 2 California quilt show in Ontario last week! I love getting to see smiling faces and put faces to names finally.  I worked in Pagen's booth, the Quilter's Cocoon, they are in Riverside and it is a wonderful store! If you haven't been there you should definitely look it up and make a trip if you are close enough.
Our booth, you can see some of my quilts and patterns on the left side of the photo.
I was so excited to debut my first embroidery CD called, Stitchin a Safari, featuring my animals from my Wild Things fabric line. I had several of them stitched out and made a quilt to show off the embroidery! Everyone loved them and we sold out, but I have more and now have them on my website.

The fabric line and my Safari Placemats also made the front cover of Annie's Catalog!

And I finished my newest Quilt pattern exclusively for Annie's! Its called "On Safari"

So as you can see, its been a wild month!!! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Anticipation of Intention

The Christmas decorations are all put away, except for that occasional straggler. The new gifts and toys are already being used and have found their place on the shelf. The stores are already moving into Valentines Day and we are still coming out of the whirlwind of the holidays and feeling a bit tired. But there is something in the air, the anticipation of the New Year, the hope in new things. I like the excitement and possibilities of what this year will bring. New challenges, new projects, new ideas, new friends and new opportunities because of new intentions.

I want you to stop and take a few minutes to write yourself a little note with your top 5 intentions for 2015. Maybe its a trip you hope to make, a challenge you are going to take on, a dream you will fulfill, a old friend you will travel to visit, a show you want to enter, whatever you can think of or dream of doing, put it on your list. Now take your list and put it in an envelope and write "Open Immediately" and if you still are packing away the last of your Christmas stuff, stick it in the box. I like to put my envelope in with the saved Christmas cards and Christmas card list for next year. Now, this coming holiday season at the end of the 2015, when you open up your boxes of decorations you will see your list of intentions. As you open it up and read the list that you probably forgot you wrote,  you can see how many of your listed intentions actually happened just because you put them down on paper! Its fun and it really is amazing what happens. 

So stop right where you are as you are reading this.....

Grab a piece of paper and an envelope.....

Write your top 5 intentions....

Stash it in with your Christmas stuff and ........

Start your amazing year full of anticipation of great things! 

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Your word for the Year

I don't really do resolutions, for me it is yet a another list I have yet to complete set up with lofty hopes of losing weight or exercising more, all good thoughts but within a few weeks I am over it. I find I am doing those things anyway and resolutions made me a bit crazy. A checklist I looked at every day that just reminded me how I was failing!

I have been choosing a word for the year,a word that will encompass what I want that year to hold and a word that will apply to all areas of my like. I begin thinking about my word early in the prior year, taking notes when something sounds right or feel right. I chose several and then weed them down until one stands out.

Once my word is chosen I write it, paint it or somehow make it special and artistically interesting and then hang it in my studio. It will hang all year, reminding me of the power in just a word, the power of applying you word and the beauty of the word as it applies to all the areas in my life.

It's a way to grow and push yourself to something higher. I hope you give it a try!

So my word for 2015 is BREAKTHROUGH! I want to breakthrough old mind sets, limitations put on me by others and myself, breakthrough the fears of the unknown, fears of failing,breakthrough also means breaking through to something new and exciting. Break through a rut into an area where the skies the limit. Breakthrough can be on a personal level, business level, spiritual level. Break through and challenge myself to break through my comfort areas into something unknown! I'm excited!

I want you to be excited too! My business coach and mentor, Christine Kane, has put together a free worksheet and helps you find your word for the year. Grab some friends and do the work together! It could change you life. Here is the affiliate link, enjoy! Please let me know what your word for the year is and what it means to you!

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