Thursday, October 30, 2014

Some Down Time on our way home!

Well its been a crazy month, full of shows, and sewing and designing! I have barely had time to catch my breath but traveling to Houston forces us to slow down, enjoy the scenery and enjoy our beautiful country!
The quilt show was amazing, my reflections quilt in the middle and Lauretta Crites winning winter Squash! Had so much fun and met some amazing people this year!

I am always amazed at how diverse our country is both in people and in topography. We have passed beautiful rolling green hills, cotton fields for as far as the eye can see, rocky crags, and volcanic hills that look like ashalt has been dumped all over. The orange painted mountains surrounding the yellow trees turning for fall is breath taking.

 I also am passing so many National Parks that I never knew exsisted! Next year we want to stop at each and see what we are missing as we zoom by on our way to the Grand Canyon. A long awaited few days to enjoy the beauty right in our own back yard. I am enjoying being present in the moment as I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. More pictures soon.
Greetings from Chloe too!
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