Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another project

I signed up for another Christmas card exchange, actually two more. One is to be a pen and ink and one is watercolor or whatever media. I really loved doing the exchange last year and took the opportunity to design my cards early enough that I used them for my Christmas card with everyone. I hope to do the same this year. I have started with my pen and ink. I had this thought of the gift of the child with the holes representing the true gift of salvation. I think the card might read, Behold the gift....I don't know about adding color or more detail, like a crown of thorns etc. I am afraid it would get too busy, I think it might need to stay simple.

I am getting ready for quilt camp on Friday, I am so excited. We are going to Carlsbad CA down by the beach. We have a wonderful work room and Marta and I are sharing a hotel room. She has more to pack than I do since she leaves from quilt camp to Europe for a month!!! I know she is going to teach a class on book binding and we will make watercolor sketchbooks this trip! It should be lots of fun to see everyone again. I am looking forward to having some girl time. I have some things I have made for the auction that they have and I am bringing some door prizes. This group is really great about giving!! I can't wait to just paint and sew and laugh and eat while enjoying the company of these women. Yipppeee!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My snack

I have been struggling to paint these beautiful birds of Paradise that have started to bloom since the weather is cooling off. I painted them twice and both paintings are not worth saving, as I started my last painting I grabbed a bunch of grapes to snack on while painting. After my disappointment with the birds I looked down at my half eaten grapes and thought they looked good enough to paint. So here is my snack, mmmmmmm.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oh I feel so bad

Hi everyone out in the web world, I have been so wrapped up in the backyard and all the construction plus the new quilts I am doing I haven't had time to do much else. I did a demo at the most wonderful quilt shop I have ever been into. The owner is a gem and it is really a fabric lovers heaven. They had their anniversary sale today and the turn out was huge. There was four of us doing some sort of demonstration. I revealed my newest patterns and did an applique demonstration. I used Michael Miller fabric on this quilt, I love the bright fun colors! The link is too their blog, a new venture for them but some great projects already up. I got them in a fat quarter package that was bundled at a show, I fell in love with the color combination. It reminded me of my room growing up as a teenager, it was hot pink and lime green! Crazy man. Unfortunately I only got a fat quarter of each so had to do a scrappy border, which now everyone wants. It was a fun day even if Jennifer had to tag along much to her dismay. She hoped to go shopping with her sister but plans changed and she had to hang with me today. I met a bunch of great people and got some good infomation.
But.... there is just one thing. As I was driving home I noticed a women in her 40-50's pulling up along side of me. I noticed she had on gloves, driving gloves. I have noticed these people off and on through out the years and I have always wondered WHY? Do they think that they don't have a good enough grip on the wheel without them? Are they planning some wild driving episode soon and just incase someone cuts them off they are ready? I just don't get it, and the people wearing them are not who you would think would be wearing them. I mean, they don't look like a proffesional race car driver. So I pose this question to anyone out there that wears these gloves, WHY? I would love to know more about the need to do this. It requires alot of thought and effort to put on and take off your gloves everytime you drive somewhere. I am in and out of the car so much I couldnt' imagine having to take clothing off and on each time. I would be chaffed for sure!!! Besides, its not like you can just leave them on and run into the super market or the bank, they might mistake you for a robber. We all remember the problems that O.J. had regarding his gloves, whether they fit or not. I find it so funny, a laugh out loud moment when a 50 year old women in a dress pulls up next to me with driving gloves on, in a van. LOL Hey, wait a minute, I am 50, how about a 70 year old instead. LOL Well really anyone wearing gloves that shouldn't be. I mean this is a part of a proffessional drivers clothing, not to be worn without driving skills. These gloves even have the little holes at the knuckles and the fingers cut out, wow. No one should have this much time on their hands.
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