Friday, May 28, 2010

My free gift has arrived!!!!

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It arrived, my free gift I won from a drawing I signed up for! I never win anything and then I win this! It is so beautiful, thank you Tri-City Printing for having this raffle and sending it too me!!!! The bag is adorable and filled with other bags for travel, even a flat iron bag that is insulated. It was the icing on an already great show!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Home again, Home again Rigga jig jig

Every time we pulled in the driveway after any length of time my mom always said those words! There is no place like home filled with all the things and people you love the most. But.... Spring market was amazing. I am still reeling from all the activity and excitement. I have so many wonderful ideas and things brewing in my head, I hate to waste the time to sleep.  The fabric line was very well received and I am hoping that Houston will be even better. I am going to start working on a book and another fabric line. phew Oh and then, just on a fluke I entered a contest for a big gift basket. I only glanced at it since I never win anything and thought to myself, that's big so I will enter this time. LOL I got an email that I WON!!! OH MY GOSH, I can't believe it so now I am waiting to get it in the mail, I will post more pictures when it arrives. 

On Saturday, I left the show early so I could spend the rest of my trip with a friend and her family. I got to meet her mother, Bev, who also does amazing artwork and quilts. She wins ribbons and in the short time she has been quilting she has made tons of quilts!! She put me to shame. I also got to meet Gail's wonderfully warm and hospitable family, who let me share their home with them. Living in southern California we only have green because we irrigate but there it was green and lush. We sat outside her beautiful home and overlooked a koi pond and lush yard that went down to the lake. Such fun, they served me a amazing breakfast Sunday after church and then Gail and I went site seeing . We made our way to the sculpture gardens and Dick Blicks Art store! I brought home more goodies.  Here are the pictures from my trip to market and my mini vacation afterwards! Thanks Gail!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adopt a Lil Miss Cutie Patootie Pin Cushion Pet

LOL, aren't these cute! Their muzzles hold the pins and they look like whiskers, this is my free gift to all of the shops that attend my schoolhouse. It is a pincushion kit with enough stuff to make both the cat and dog pincushion, keep one and give one away. I am packing up all my fun projects and giveaways now in preperation for the show. If anyone is going please come and look for me in the Red Rooster Booth # 3506-09 for a free gift. See you there! I will posting from the show for the next few days

Friday, May 14, 2010

Getting ready for Spring Market when a few Angels appeared

Getting ready for these shows is tough as the fabric arrives late and there is always so much to do. I think this is going to be the pattern for these trade shows and trying to fit an amazing amount of work into a limited amount of time. I have had a few angels here helping me this time, Dee and Shirley. Dee has been here almost everyday sewing, sewing. I was up until 3 am night before last, struggling with getting the quilt together as it continued to grow, and grow. I ended up having to take it all apart several times to find the problem and then resewed the boo boo blocks and at 3am finally realized it was going to go together. My dear husband has also been a saint, making dinners, lunch, helping unsew, I couldn't have done it without these wonderful friends. I also had the most miraculous thing happen. I asked Randy to call a local quilt shop and ask them if they knew of any long arm quilters that could possible quilt this quilt by Tuesday. LOL I knew in my mind that I was dreaming, most of the quilters I know are booked for months in advance. As we were talking to them one of the long arm quilters walked into the shop and they handed her the phone. I explained my delima and she agreed to take the quilt and quilt it by Monday!!! When I arrived at her home she had so many quilts in line to be quilted and explained that she was booked 3-4 months out!!! But she took my quilt to help out! I can't believe it, what an answer to prayer. It saved me from tons of hours trying to quilt that giant before I leave next week So thank you all so very, very much. Here is my quilt for the Red Rooster Booth, I am learning to be a piecer!  Thank God for EQ 6, I designed the quilt and scanned in all my fabrics into the fabric library so I can just drop them into the blocks and it will calculate my yardage requirements. Phew! I even designed the little paper pieced dogs and cats in the corners. I need to add their little button eyes still. Come by the Red Rooster Booth and see me, mention my blog and I will have a free gift for you!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My New Fabric Line, Lil Miss Cutie Patootie,the first of a series of adventures

This is the first in a series of Lil Miss Cutie Patooties adventures. This line is Lil Miss Cutie Patootie and Friends. All of her pet friends are here. I have actually created two panels, one larger and one fill with blocks. Each block has Cutie with a different pet, skating, giving her dogs a bath, hugging her kitties. The blocks are so fun and easily incorporated into a quilt or onto a bag. I am using some of them for pockets on aprons. I also hope to make some scrub tops for our favorite friends at the vets office. I hope you enjoy this new line and you will check out my website for new patterns and projects that will soon be released.

Fun new projects with my latest fabric line

I just love it when all my fabric arrives, its like a dream. After months of drawing and painting and planning it finally appears in beautiful colors on fabric just waiting for me to create some new and fun projects. This fabric line is the first of a series of lines with Lil Miss Cutie Patootie, this line is "Friends" and it shows her with her pets. I received 20 bolts of fabric with 15 yards per bolt! I can have lots of fun with this.  Since Monday was apron day as Pat Sloan reminded me of, I thought I would share my lil aprons designs, I will have these bundled in a new pattern I will be releasing that will have quite a few fun projects that you can do for any youngster, boy or girl! This little apron will be included although you can use the applique pattern to embellish any fun apron pattern you have! I used my dog and kitty treat recipe cards that are on my panel for a big pocket in the front.With my adorable fabric you can make Mommy and me aprons, or Nana and Me aprons. I am still working out all the elements that will be available but I am having so much fun doing it. I leave for MN on the 19th so I have lots to do still. More to come so stay tuned!

Friday, May 07, 2010

My fabric has arrived and other projects

I have been busy, busy trying to get things done as my fabric arrived the other day. I will be posting the full line soon. I also have been working on other projects that I will be sharing also. One of the fun, easy and funky projects I have been working in are these tyvek wallets. Tyvek is the envelopes that you get from Fed X or you can buy them. I bought a box to make these fun wallets with. They are waterproof, lightweight and just kind of fun and funky to give as gifts.  Here is the Utube video that offers you step by step directions to follow. I painted my wallet in a few minutes (make sure you paint it in the right direction) and had the wallet done in about 20 minutes.  I hope you enjoy as much as I did. You can use watercolor, acrylics, felt pens etc. Just play around and have fun.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Thank you Lord, Lily got to go home

We get caught up in all the excitment of a new baby, the showers, the gifts, the babys room. The anticipation waiting for the call seems to feed into the the mounting tension that both mom and dad feel. Everyone touching your stomach, talking to it, asking how much longer. You get tired of hearing, you look huge, are you having twins, and other statements that are supposed to start conversations but sometimes are just irritating. But what happens, after waiting all those months and the baby is born with a problem. As we celebrated the birth of our newest grandson I awaited the news from a friend about her grandbaby, still yet to arrive. I was basking in the happiness and new experiences that our youngest daughter was now finding herself in. Its so refreshing to once again be needed, called and asked advise. Just when I thought they had it all figured out, they need their mom. After all there is this new person that they are responsible for and they are afraid they might mess it up. And "what should I do for this and that" ahh, I love it. But then the call came, my girlfriends baby had been born but there were problems, heart problems and her daughter, a first time mom could only sit and wait and pray with empty arms. There wasn't the opportunity to cuddle with her newborn, she was faced with medical terms and fear right from the begining. We are all praying for Lily! She has had to undergo surgery and may need more but for now we recieved an email that she finally got to go home. She is doing well and we will continue to pray. So today, if you are thinking about it, and everyone is healthy and happy in your family,  maybe you could say a prayer for Lily and her family. I sent this card, a small little painting I did of her from a photo they had attached to an email, for Lily.
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