Friday, April 28, 2006

Another Colored Pencil

I am trying to keep practicing on my colored pencil. I am working on a friends daughter. The original sketch I noticed the mouth was too small so I made some adjustments. Everyone who has seen it says it looks more like her but I may have to start over. Its all good when its a learning process. The scan really over exposes the drawing, it is not so bright in person.

New Watercolor postcard

I traded watercolor postcards with a girl in Canada, she sent me a horse and I am sending her a cat. They are really small paintings that are mailed in envelopes. They don't send them through the mail to be stamped by the postoffice. I think I like it when they do that although you do run the risk of damage to the artwork. I sent out 26 fiber postcards and all went through the mail perfectly. Only one had any damage of any kind. This painting is a watercolor, 6"x 9".

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Final colored pencil drawing

This is the third post in the series of my progressive application of a color pencil technique. Scroll down to the first post to see how the picture started and progresses, its interesting although I am just really beginning in colored pencils. Here is Nathan's picture finished. I don't like the skin tones at all so I will do another one but thought I would share in the learning process. I will have to change computers to post the photo I took and used as a reference. He really was trying to eat that big green plastic egg!

Second posting of colored pencil technique

Here are more in the series of drawings, you can see the progression of layers of color. Then in the final layers you add the real color, so everything changes. Its kind of weird.

More colored pencil

I wanted to do a piece with my grandsons picture at Easter and I had been reading about a colored pencil technique where they apply an under painting of complimentary colors first then the final color of the piece. Colored pencils are done layer by layer, sometimes 20+ layers of color. Anyway, I decided to attempt this and I am disappointed with the results but I am going to do it again, not using the underpainting and see how he turns out. I have lots of cute pictures of him! It is an interesting concept and probably takes some time to master. Here are the series of progressive pictures. You will have to scroll up to catch them all. Dianne

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

EDM #62 Draw a previous challenge in a different medium

My daughter brought home a beautiful daylily yesterday. She told me that she would love to grow them after seeing this flower. It was an unusually deep shade of orange/red. I have seen some really lovely colored pencil drawings where they say they layer up to 20 colors and layers to get the depth of color etc and I have been dying to play. I used to do colored pencils but not with any true knowledge of how to use them and they always were just a nice soft picture. I am really please with my first attempt and want to get more familar with this medium again. I want to know how they are burnishing the colors down etc. Seems like I just have to have my fingers into everything!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Newest weekly sketch assignment at WC

This picture was really hard since the reference photo was really dark and details were hard to make out. It is a cute picture of some kitty's having a moment, by the window in the sun. I did it with mechanical pencils but the scanning process really doesn't lend itself to pencil drawings. I love the challenge of working in different mediums. It doesn't really matter what it is, its all about the creative process.

I have been working on several quilts, one is my newest art quilt for Houston! Hopefully it will make it into that show, one of my many goals. I will post as soon as I finish painting all the fabric and getting it fairly put together. Stay tuned.

More Huntington Gardens picts

Well I will be done with the Huntington gardens after this post. I have too many other drawing to try to get onto the blog. I find the more I draw now the more I want to just draw or paint. Its hard to stay focused on the things we have to do verses the things I want to do.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Huntington Gardens

We had a wonderful day at the Huntington Gardens, the weather was perfect as was the company. We met up with Karen, Robin, Wendee and Nancy. Jennifer and Randy came with me and took off on their own for a fun filled day while I drew with the group. I must say that my only complaint is that the time flew by and I didn't get as much drawn as I would have liked too. I am posting a few today and more to come of the sketches I did while there. Most are very quick renditions of things. This drawing is of a bonsi juniper in the Japanese garden area, the water was a bit dirty due to all of the rain runoff I am sure, but beautiful none the less. I just loved the trees and interesting textures that the area was full of. We also had a few visitors as we sat and sketched, they were coming to see if we had anything to eat in our pencil boxes.

Monday, April 03, 2006

EDM #61 Draw a grouping and Huntington Gardens

Well I decided with much encouragement from Robin to join the weekly sketch over at wetcanvas. I need to do the watercolor one too, now that I have seen the beautiful egret. Anyway, I did last weeks sketch tonight but need to start the new one. It was a grouping of three+ apples so it qualified. I had such a wonderful time at the Huntington Gardens with everyone. I will post some pictures soon. I enjoyed meeting everyone and dispelling some myths about certain people hehehe. Everyone was so wonderful and fun, we had a great time. But it went far too fast. All of the Southern Calif people need to come to the next one for sure!
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