Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Big Tree Painting

Today, Jennifer and I went to a community art project called The Big Tree Painting with Jeff Soto, a local artist. Participants were able to paint wood blocks that make up the Big Tree in Jeff's signature edgy style.

All the paintings will then be assembled and exhibited this summer at the museum. It was so much fun to see the community come together and just paint whatever they wanted on their blocks. I will be excited to see the exhibit when they all come together. Jenn worked on smaller blocks and gave them to the boys. As we were walking away from the painting tables we were immediately distracted by the flying antics of lots of some birds, as we looked up we spotted the mud nests of swallows. It was fun to watch them but I am glad I don't have eaves on my house anymore.

 It was back to the house for a day outside with the boys! Counting my blessing today!

Cuddling with Aunt Jen Jen

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Dog Walker

I have a neighbor who rescues dogs. She always walks by our house with her pack. I love seeing them, they are all very well behaved and they look like they are totally enjoying themselves. I grabbed my paints and decided to capture this group in oil. Some days there is nothing better than grabbing some friends and going for a walk!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Perfectly imperfect Placemats!!

I am a guest designer on the Stencil Girl blog today, I had a blast doing this really fun project with my grandkids! I hope you will get a chance to pop over and check it out! Even though Blake's picture isn't in the post he was there! He was doing his own thing, making his placemat his way, without stencils. If you get a chance check out their amazing selection and variety of stencils. I love their stencils and I had such a hard time settling in on just one project. Here is Blake's adorable pictures as he paints away. I hope you like the post, and will leave me a comment!

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