Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Back to the studio!

I have been busy since I returned creating new pieces of art and working on my newest fabric line along with some other fun projects. I am so excited to have spring arriving and the flowers all starting to bloom, I can't help but want to create more!
I just had to paint!

These little art quilts are mounted onto canvas for easy hanging. All hand painted and ready for display. I will even add on of my cards with the same design! Price is each so please specify which design you would like.

With Easter fast approaching I need to get all of my flowers in the ground. This year we are going to the Mission Inn for their famous brunch! Oh happy day!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Some exciting news while reaching for the gold ring

I had the amazing opportunity to be featured on three segments for Quilting Arts TV and to write some articles for the magazine. I had such an amazing time that I thought I would share it with you! I will say that creating all the steps outs and writing was a ton of work but it was all worth it!

But wait, before I skip ahead to that, first I traveled to NC, Asheville for a business retreat with my coach. It was a wonderful, empowering trip and I learned a lot! It was a perfect way to launch me into the show! Here are some pictures from the even. I also wanted to tell you that today Christine Kane is offering a free webinar, hope you can make it, here is the affiliate link.  If you are interested in upleveling your business you might want to check Christine Kane out! She is amazing

I put some arrow so you could find me! I am right next to Christine

Our favorite hangout French Broad, a chocolate lounge
Then I flew off to do my tapings! It was so cold there, freezing! But I had such a great time, the women were wonderful and we had a ton of fun!
Susan and I for the 1600 Series

Susan and I for the 1700 Series

getting ready

We had a fun dinner together and enjoyed learning more about each other.

So for me this was all about stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing something new and scary! Do you have those things that you know you want to do but your fear of failing or looking bad holds you back!? I am here to encourage you to take a step out of your box and reach for the gold ring! These are those times when we really grow! Enjoy

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Easter is just around the corner- Time for a giveaway

Your probably thinking wow, its only March!! I know, it feels a bit like Costco huh, with their Christmas decorations up in July. Well its all about timing, so to make sure you have time to display it I am giving you only a week to sign up and then on March 8th, the winner will be selected and my little Bunny block will be hopping its way to a new home!

I designed this fun 12"x12" Bunny Block but I haven't published yet, so you will  be the first to own it. I have it all ready to go, its sewn, has some cute wooden fabric covered buttons too. Maybe its ready to go to your house! Check out my FB page Desiree's Designs Studios and sign up! You only have a week to sign up this time. Lets make sure you get this cute Easter Block in time to hang it up before Easter!  Good Luck!

To be first to receive info on future giveaways make sure you sign up for my Newsletters at www.desireesdesigns.com 

An assortment of these handmade, fabric covered wooden buttons are new and I will be adding them to my website this week but they are in very limited amounts.
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