Sunday, July 22, 2007

Life drawing July

I was able to get to another life drawing class. I missed last month and I really want to try and go to these, I feel it really improves my work overall. I am finding that my proportions are becoming more acurate and that I am able to sketch figures a bit better now. Last month I heard it was a big, black man and that he was a bit harder to draw due to his dark skin, harder to see values and details. This month we had a skinny white girl, LOL, she was so tiny I felt as though I was drawing skeletal illustrations. I enjoy a bit more curves and lines, which lend interest to the drawing. Although its good to paint all body styles. She had some beautiful poses and lines, I got two good sketches and then Marta and I snuck out early and went and had dinner at the Mexican resturant in the Mission Inn, so beautiful!! What a fun night!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

My first Pastel

I had the wonderful opportunity to take a pastel workshop with Diana Ponting. It was incredible, I learned so much and made a bunch of new friends. Everyone in the class did an exceptional job on their paintings which really says "great teacher". I have always been a bit intimidated by pastels but Diana took that fear out of those dusty little sticks. I never knew you could get such realistic images from something that applies like chalk. It was really an amazing class. Here is my version of lemons and limes. The photo was taken by Stephie at the Watercolor Haven, another beautiful photo she allows us to use.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Color is White

This month the color is white, white is wonderful to paint since it reflects all the other colors and if done right, will read as white although it isn't. I hope to do several paintings of whites and get them posted. Really start looking at paintings where they have painting something that your eye tells you is white and see if you can see all the colors used to say it. It is challenging though, a great study. Here is a boy in a parade, his outfit is white, I might redo him in all different colors and see how it goes.

Monday, July 09, 2007

IT's July 9 again!

Today is July 9, the anniversary of Jennifers crash. It is a weird day, it always feels weird. Some years I try to go out and fill the day with activities as if to say "I'll show you" and other years I hide away, giving into the power of the event that changed all of our lives. Today began gloomy, and I think I will stay inside today. Jennifer had a fishing trip over the weekend and won for the biggest fish! She is really amazing, never complains or gives up. She pulled this huge halibut in almost by herself, only a little help from dad and the guy with the gafting hook. She has figured out how to wind the reel now without bloodying her knuckles like she did those first few trips. She just keeps at it, determined not to give way to her physical limitations. I didn't go this year, Jenns brother, my son, and his kids went and all had a great time and caught enough fish for many dinners.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Loose Lavender

I did a quick sketch of lavender on postcard, its another practice in looseness. Its amazing how hard it is to be loose and successful with painting. I think it requires a lot more thought and makes you paint faster to keep the paint moving and flowing in the direction you want. I like the "blooms" that happen when you add water to a spot even though they are not desired, they lend interest, but controlling them is another story. I like the fact that some edges are hard and disappear letting your mind wander and imagine what should be there, while others are hard and help tell the story. I am not overly thrilled with this one but it is all a part of the process, our goal is to paint for the bin, meaning trash. That way if frees us up to really paint. I received this story at a class I recently took I will try and abbreviate it for you, its worth reading;

A teacher divided his class into two groups, group ones assignment was to paint quantity, 50+ paintings got and A, 40+ paintings got a B, 30+ paintings got a C and so on. Group twos assignment was to paint one perfect painting at the end of the class they would all vote on the top 3 paintings and they would get the best grade. Group one not only painted the most artwork but also painted the best quality, most excellent paintings. While group one painted freely just trying to achieve their quota, group two was stuck on what would be good enough to paint. The lesson is by letting go of perfection we free ourselves to paint perfectly!
Have fun today just painting! Since its 7-7-07 its supposed to be a special day, enjoy.

Friday, July 06, 2007


I am painting this for one of the online art monthly challenges. I love chickens, we used to raise them and actually showed them at the fair here. The roosters can be so mean, and I was attacked often until he finally got me one day from behind as I was gathering eggs thats when I decided it was time to have him for dinner. Tough ole bird!
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