Friday, July 06, 2007


I am painting this for one of the online art monthly challenges. I love chickens, we used to raise them and actually showed them at the fair here. The roosters can be so mean, and I was attacked often until he finally got me one day from behind as I was gathering eggs thats when I decided it was time to have him for dinner. Tough ole bird!


Lin said...

Desiree -- these are so utterly charming and beautiful!!!! I LOVE your story !!! Make me laugh at loud!!! GORGEOUS painting ---!!

mARTa said...

girlfriend, this is a beautiful painting! I think this is one of the 'loosest' I have seen come from your hand....just the right amount of loose with some nice hard edges....I love it! But I am still traumatized from when I was a teen and my cousin chased me around the house holding the head of a chicken my aunt had just 'swung' off. I was so mad, scared and cried aunt came after that boy and beat him good with her dishtowel!

Desiree said...

Thanks guys! I am really happy with it too, I seem to be so much more pleased with my looser pieces, but I do need some details! Marta, how scarey for a young person, I saw a sheep killed as a teen and it stays with me to this day!

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