Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Color is White

This month the color is white, white is wonderful to paint since it reflects all the other colors and if done right, will read as white although it isn't. I hope to do several paintings of whites and get them posted. Really start looking at paintings where they have painting something that your eye tells you is white and see if you can see all the colors used to say it. It is challenging though, a great study. Here is a boy in a parade, his outfit is white, I might redo him in all different colors and see how it goes.


Lin said...

WOWOWZA!! FANTASTIC!!! WHAT A FACE~ and such a splendid job!

Susan said...

I just love this picture! Did you do that from memory, from a photograph, make it up, or ???? I find his face so expressive!

CrumpledPaperbirds said...

The same with me, he look on the boy's face...expressive, indeed!!!A bit somber...interesting contrast to the parade theme. i want to give him a hug:)
Colors - very fiiiine*

Sandy said...

This is so beautiful!!

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