Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fabric Line

I have been working away on my fabric line, I am very excited about it. I have so much stuff already I will be glad when they feel I have enough and can start thinking of something else. I am already working on my next line. I love when you are in the zone and the ideas start flowing. I find I am not good company during those times, I become consumed with my task at hand. I did this little painting to go with all the fabric I have done so far. It is a childrens line, a western line, I hope it does well for me and for the fabric company. The brown horse seems so blotchy in this picture, its not? I don't get it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Todays painting

I painted this goose, quickly, maybe 10 minutes. He is standing in a field of snow, next to and icy stream, looking off into the distance. Sometimes that reflects how we all feel and how I felt today. Alone, cold, looking out over a monotoned landscape. Unable to find any color, unable to see the beauty of things. Again, we had a hearing about Jennifer's benefits. Medi-cal terminates her health care monthly and we have been fighting to keep it. It a long story, and I wont burden you with details but I feel bad for the many people who,like Jennifer, are unable to fight their own battles and lose. They don't have an advocate and so, in their weakened state fall victim to the constant abuse, threats and finally termination by the government of their benefits. You always hear about the people who abuse the system and rip off the government and take money that isn't owed to them. I think this sets the stage for the way they deal with the rest of us, who are doing it the honest and right way. I thought this was all settled in 2005! I am just now seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. It does change a person, how could it not. It makes you cynical, critical, mad, frustrated and the constant stress takes its toll on our health and well being. I guess I will fight for her until I can fight no more and then pray someone will step up to the plate and take my place. Today I had a voice, I got to share my concerns with a judge, on record with the case workers present. I don't know if it will do any good, I don't know if it will make a difference, I have to wait and see. For now the fight continues.
Sidenote: In todays news there was a report of a 93 year old man who froze to death because the electric company turned off his power. They found him wrapped up in blankets wearing 4 sweaters. It was reported that there were icycles in his sinks. How can they do that in the middle of winter. Another story of no one to fight for the weak and sick, its just so sad.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Another day, another challenge

I love this blog called "Different strokes for different folks", its a group of artists that paint a challenge every other Wednesday. I just joined but was so impressed by the work being done, alot of oil painters. I did my first challenge, something I wouldn't choose on my own, a victorian house in San Fransisco. I did it but think its just mediocure and average but I like being a part of this group. I work well with deadlines, and since I have been avoiding doing the fabric line, I have welcomed the distraction. I have to focus again this week and get it moving again. Things can start out so good and hopeful and end up so messy!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My week to host the WDE for Wet Canvas

I select 16 pictures to post and then anyone who want to participate goes in and chooses one or more to paint. You have 30 minutes to select and 2 hours to paint. This is my entry so far, I posted a partially done piece at 2 hours and finished it within another hour.

Then I told them that as a challenge they should crop their painting to see if another mini masterpiece emerged. Here is my crop.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Still Life Duo #2

This is my second in the still life duo series. I decided to move the teapot forward and add another one I like. I also decided to add the element of doing each painting in a different medium. This one is done is soft pastels on a sanded board 9"x 12". I am not happy with the first teapot on this painting but I like the red one ok.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It sucks getting older... for Marta

LOL, it was Marta's birthday today. Dawn and I took her out for lunch at her favorite resturant. I worried that they wouldn't be serving since the weather didn't want to cooperate. But Marta insisted we go and we had such fun. When our desert was ordered the rain started and they moved us inside where we enjoyed chatting until the rain stopped. Dessert was wonderful! I wish we had painted it since my photo didn't turn out. I love these special times, special friends, special days. Happy Birthday to Ai and Marta today!

Inauguration Day

Yesterday we inaugurated a new president into office. It came with much hoopla and celebration. I must admit that although I didn't vote for him I am excited and I will pray for wisdom as he attempts to try and lead us out of this mess. Our last president was such a huge disappointment for all of us and I am glad to see him leave. This was the first time I have ever watched the inauguration ceremonies and felt proud to be an American and see all the people out to support him. He has a huge job ahead of him, he will need every ones support. Although I don't agree with him on many things he will need our prayers to do what he has to do. Here is a quick sketch I did yesterday of him laughing. Which he doesn't do much, he is always calm and I think shows great reserve and confidence. I know it doesn't look like him but I did it in about 10 minutes.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reminants of the Holidays

Ok, so we have finally finished off all of the goodies that we never have any other time of the year. All the candy, cookies and cakes exchanged as gifts have been consumed. My waistline is suffering although I haven't gained more than a few pounds. Now is the challenge to overcome the cravings for all the goodies! AHHHH, withdrawls. Here is my tribute to the last of the See's candy, creams, which I don't like anyway!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Unnatural things on our nature walks

First of all, it feels unnatural to spell unnatural with two n's. Anyway, in an effort to battle the bulge and strive for a healthy lifestyle we decided to go green and walk Kylie to school. For myself, it seems the minute I make one of these commitments my mind spends the rest of the time trying to justify not following through! Every morning becomes a tug of war with my good intentions and my warm bed begging me not to leave. This will be the second week of walking, and I love it once I am up. Its brisk and a good long walk, about 3.5 miles roundtrip. If I don't make my bed before I leave it often talks me into one last catnap when I return. LOL We are bringing Jennifer's new dog along with us also. Since Randy has been off work he is walking with us and its been a nice time to talk and visit with Kylie(our granddaughter). Last week I noticed lots of discarded shiny metal objects along the way, so we started collecting, one each day. This is our weekly collection of unnatural objects from our nature walks.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A new little art quilt

I just finished up this little wall hanging. Its done with paints and I hand embroidered the panels onto the fabric, then added trim.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

WC Still Life Duo Challenge #1

On Wet Canvas they are doing a challenge to set up just two objects and paint them, then remove one of the objects and add another. Paint again, then remove the oldest object and add something new, so that you always only have two objects. I think we are supposed to do a series of 6. I decided to join Marta and Casey in this challenge, I just loved what they were doing and I love a good challenge. Making just two objects come together to make a nice compostition will be a good lesson. I really need to think about the overall compostion of things as I set them up. Here is my first one, it is a teapot that my oldest daughter made in a ceramics class. I just love it although I have never heated water in it. I did this in watercolor and think that I will do the next one in Pastel.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sketches from the sketchcrawl

Here are my sketches from today. Marta and I drove down to San Diego and met up with about 15 other artists. It was such fun catching up with Jane and making new friends. Jane shared Danny Gregory's Newest book in which he had featured many of the EDM sketchers. Congrats Jane on you spread in the book, you deserve it, you are so talented! We were warmly welcomed by the owners of the shops as we drew and painted. Then over to Guadalajara's for lunch! It was a perfect day, thank you San Diego sketchcrawlers for making us feel so welcome!


Originally uploaded by ddhabicht

We arrived in San Diego to meet other artist friends for the 21st
worldwide sketchcrawl. We had a wonderful time!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Three Musketeers

Originally uploaded by ddhabicht
Marta, Auden, Dawn and I all met the other day for lunch and to give Dawn our blessings on her trip to Florida. We had such a wonderful visit and Dawn couldn't wait to show off her new pink pimped out mobile! It was her Christmas gift from Mike and she looks so cute on it! Becareful Dawn cruizin around town in that thing! She is just too cute! She is on her way to Florida to run for lymphoma. Hip hip hurray.

Christmas Present IV

My oldest daughter Kim got me these beautiful gold earrings. They are very delicate. I noticed my pencils are dull and I am having a very hard time getting clean lines and good shapes. The softer the pencil the faster it dulls. I need to have a sharpener next to my bed too I guess. I usually use mechanical pencils which always stay sharp.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

My New Years Gift to you!

One of my families favorite things I make during the holidays is my peanut brittle. It is easy and so yummy. I thought I would share it with all my online friends for the New Year. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas Presents III

Another perfume bottle, these bottles are so small and cute! I haven't tried any of the fragrances yet but I will.
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