Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sketches from the sketchcrawl

Here are my sketches from today. Marta and I drove down to San Diego and met up with about 15 other artists. It was such fun catching up with Jane and making new friends. Jane shared Danny Gregory's Newest book in which he had featured many of the EDM sketchers. Congrats Jane on you spread in the book, you deserve it, you are so talented! We were warmly welcomed by the owners of the shops as we drew and painted. Then over to Guadalajara's for lunch! It was a perfect day, thank you San Diego sketchcrawlers for making us feel so welcome!


Joan said...

Desiree - I'm glad you did the Sketchcrawl too and that you had such a large group to sketch with. Due to lousy weather I did my sketchcrawl solo from the front seat of my car. I like the McD's sketch and the one of the flowers. Do you have more sketches from the day?

Desiree said...

No others I was just slow, a few pictures though.

Ai said...

Lovely sketches Desiree. You make me hungry for Mc Breakfast. Lovely flowers and wonderful shop.

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