Wednesday, September 12, 2018


I love shadows! 

  • I love the way the shadows from trees dance along the ground, twinkling as they let in the sunlight as they move in the wind. 

  • I love the way shadows will fill the negative space and make the positive image pop in a painting. 

  • I love the colors that are often reflected in shadows. The object can inject beautiful colors into shadows.

Blood Oranges by Desiree Habicht copyrighted
The Shadows on the ceiling in at the Convention Center from the new art piece!! Beautiful

  • I love how they provide a hiding place and refuge from the relentless sun.

  • I love the shapes that form on the ground from shadows.

  • I love shadow puppets

  • I love how shadows can tell us a story without a single word.

As I began to journal about shadows I am also reminded that depending on our mindset shadows can have a negative side.

People hide in shadows

Scary things lurk in shadows

Shadows block the light

Shadows create distortion

People live in other peoples shadows

What do you see and think about when you see shadows. Are you hiding in them, afraid to come out and share your gifts with the world. Are you living to please others and living in their shadow, do you fear the dark recesses of shadows?

How do you see shadows?

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