Friday, March 31, 2017

April Fools Day!! Whats the best April Fools Joke you pulled off?

I love April 1st, its the beginning of a favorite month, it is a fun day to try to pull a fast one and its my GF's birthday! Happy Birthday Dawn.

The best joke I almost pulled off, well maybe, was with Jen in therapy. We had been going to Kathy for Jenns therapy for years and years. She knew we were very well versed on all the latest treatment plans and controversial and experimental more holistic options.  So on this particular day (April 1)we were in therapy and we were talking to her about stem cell research and cell rejuvenation. I then told her of a doctor we were seeing that had developed a cream that was regrowing limbs and tissue for amputees. Jenn confirmed everything since we had planned this on our trip to our appointment. I was so excited inside, trying not to smile or sound unsure, I remember thinking I couldn't mess this up, it was too good. It took so much restraint to not laugh but I continued.

Yes, its really amazing!! So its a lot like stem cell treatments as this cream actually causes skin and tissue regeneration. So it obviously won't grow a new limb with bone but it will add tissue so that you could add bone or get a better fit for prosthetics or adaptive limbs. I told her that we had just started the treatment and to let us know if she noticed a difference. Jenn would chime in with some added info to keep her wondering if it was possible. Well I got to about there and her face was so shocked as she tried to process it all I couldn't keep from laughing but it was so good while I had her going!!

Now you all might not find prosthetic humor funny but we were laughing so hard, medical stuff is always so serious. We deserved a good laugh.

So that is ours, tell me yours!! Oh and Happy April!!

I am going to try to join in on the World Watercolor Groups daily painting challenge and post everyday... if I don't make it at least I have an out..April Fools.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

3 Things you can do to Start Living your Amazingly Creative, Wonderful Life

Isn't it wonderful when you wake up with an anticipation in the air. It pulls you out of bed early and beckons to you to come be with me. It makes your heart jump, your pulse race, you just know it is going to be good. Maybe it is more than one thing, maybe a few things that have you more than excited to get up today. This is how life is meant to be experienced. Each and everyday is a completely new opportunity to paint a new canvas in your life. To reach out and grab that golden ring, what are you waiting for?

 What? You don't feel like that? 

To help you start each day of the rest of your life with enthusiasm here are 3 tips to start using today.

1. Start by finding things to be grateful for, I know you have heard this before but it really works. What you dwell on comes to pass. So if you have a tendency to dwell on the negative side of life try finding something good to focus on as you start your day. For some of you this will take some practice but thats okay! Start small and trust me it will get easier. When you can change your thinking habits from finding the bad to seeing the good the glass does end up being 1/2 full instead of 1/2 empty.

2. Learn to turn down those negative voices in your head. You know the ones I mean. The ones that are constantly telling you how you can't do it, that you aren't talented enough, or that you don't look good enough, aren't thin enough. The voices from our childhood that always were "looking out for our best interest" by stepping on our dreams. Learn to recognize that voice when it first appears and have a positive response. Here are some examples of the negative voice and then your retort.

  • You are too old to start now, you will surely fail. 
    • No one is too old to get excited about life and step into their dream.
  • You aren't talented enough, there are so many other people more talented than you. 
    • No one can say it or paint it like I can, it is uniquely my voice and my story to be told and I am the only one who can do that well.
  • You are too busy, you don't have time with all your other obligations. 
    • I deserve to make time for me and my dreams now. I have something to say creatively and I am going to make this happen.
  • You are to fearful of failing, and you probably will. Then people will make fun of you and ridicule you.  
    • That is a lie, everyone has the same fears and when I start to tell my story creatively I know that others will be thrilled at my courage and talents. 

3. Listen to that inner creative voice that is crying out to be heard. Have you always dreamed of writing a book or learning to paint or draw, playing an instrument or learning to sing? What is crying out to be heard? Start to listen and act on this inner creative voice. You have spent all this time keeping it quiet as life got in the way, today its the beginning of a new way of life. Now take an action to start exploring your dreams. When each day begins with the promise of exploring your dreams you can't wait to begin.

So I ask you, what got you out of bed this morning? Do you approach each day with a zest for living. Knowing in your heart that something amazing is going to happen today just for you! Do you plan your day around the anticipation of it arriving or do you drag out of bed without a plan or goal? After all these years I still can't wait to get up and start something new and exciting. I don't take one minute for granted, its a gift and I will use my time to the best of my abilities.

This is your life, live it fully, start today by doing something you have been just dreaming about doing. Make it happen for yourself today! 

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