Sunday, September 27, 2015

What an exciting couple of weeks!!!

We are getting into our busy time! Shows, new fabrics, new patterns, tours, classes. It becomes a whirlwind of activity and craziness around our house. I am so thankful for Randy's help and Jennifer's patience as I try to juggle it all. We were at the San Diego Quilt show where we had a booth and I taught two classes! It was amazing! What a great bunch of women, we had a blast!!

Some beautiful things were happening in my Art Applique class!

More here, look how creative.


Daniella and Mom!

My booth with my excellent helper, Dawn!

Wow! Love this one too!

Everyone had fun!!

Teaching techniques to the students

Daniella Stout and me

Luba won too!!! Congrats Luba, such a beautiful quilt!
Then it was back home to grab some more patterns and take a shower for the  tour! LOL 6 stores and two lectures each day kept us hopping!  It was an amazing time meeting and talking with all of the women in the Sew Fun Club at the Moore's Sewing Centers in Southern California. I did two lectures each day at each store and then sold my patterns and more! What a fun bunch of women, and so creative! I am also inspired by them every time I do this tour! Here are just a few of the stores we visited!

 A funny thing happened at the Moore's store in Orange. I had helped Jennifer in the bathroom get to the sink a left her and Chloe to wash her hands and then told her to come back out. Some time had passed and I heard her telling Chloe, No, not that and I called to her and asked her if she was alright. I walked back to find Jennifer covered in toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. She had dropped my purse off of the back of her wheelchair and was asking Chloe to pick it up. In an effort to please, Chloe made the decision to not pick up the giant, heavy purse but instead to bring her everything else that she could reach. So if you happen to be visiting the Moore's store in Orange and you notice bite marks in all the rolls of toilet paper now you know what happened!!

Thank you ladies for sharing this week with me I really enjoyed it! Now I need to get ready for Palm springs!!

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