Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Girls Pastel Weekend

I just got back from my girls pastel weekend in San Clemente. We all meet to take Dianna Pontings class at the San Clemente Art Supply, an awesome art store. The owners are the nicest people and our group is now on its 5th year, I think its been five. This year we all went to the Pageant of the Masters and the Feastival of Arts and the Sawdust Feastival. What a fun day,looking at art, walking the streets of Laguna and eating at the sidewalk resturant.  Needless to say we were all exhausted at the end of the 5 days of fun! Here is the class piece that I finished and some of the pictures of our days together, enjoy! If youre interested in Dianna's class contact San Clemente Art Supply and get on the list now!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Getting back to business after a week of babies

I find that my biggest challenge in life is splitting up my time both wisely and efficiently. I am pulled between things I want to do and the things I have to do and the things I should do. Often the line is blurred between the different areas and its easy for us to never get to the things we want to do because of the things we have to do. I think sometimes we put the "things" in the wrong category. I only share this because I am struggling right now with trying to be a good mom and caregiver, wife, and Nana all while my business is trying to explode with potential that requires tons of time and commitment. I am in a constant state of juggle, switching hats sometimes hourly, like most of you are. I would appreciate any good tips on how to manage this circus act. I am blessed that my business happens to be my artwork and creative endeavors so its also the thing I want to do. 

This week I was Nana, we had a week with the twins that are 19 months old. They are so sweet and wonderful to be around, it was a blessing but I had to tell myself that I would not try and do anything else. There was no way to work with those busy fingers into everything. LOL We loved the week filled with pink everything, baby dolls, baby lotion, swings, parks, toenail polish and lots of giggling. Thank God for Randy who helped me tag team them at bath and bed time. As I wake up this morning and realize that I need to return to my life its bittersweet as I miss those little voices stirring in the morning but I will love not having to pick up wooden puzzle pieces and misc toys all over the house.

I took advantage of the week and took a million photos, some were with a new apron pattern for my fabric line and book I am working on. I had made the aprons for the girls but realize some changes I need to make now, good thing I tried them on. Back to the drawing board with some great ideas and improvements.  Here are a few pictures of our week.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Janets Quilt

I have been busy this week with the twins while their parents, my daughter and her husband, are in North Carolina. It has been a fun filled week of popsicles, ponytails, and giggling. I can't believe how fun it has been and how good they both are, although still busy. I am sure I will be exhausted by Tuesday night when they pick them up. 

Since one event seemed to flow into the next I never really got a chance to post the quilt I made for Janets birthay party. I had asked her kids to write her a letter and I even recieved some artwork from one of her grandchildren. Her husband had sent me a CD with pictures and I scanned them into the computer, did a bit of clean up on Photoshop and then printed them onto fabric. There are several ways to get your images onto fabric, one of them being this preprepared, packaged fabric sheets which allow you to print any image through your computer onto them.  The trick to photo quilts is being able to add fabric and arrange the images throughout the quilt and keep it square. There are no patterns so it is all about laying it out and filling in. I was challenging and very rewarding to be a part of their families love for each other. I found myself enjoying the process so much. As the quilt started to come together I got more and more excited. Here we are, Janet crying as I explained the elements and her husband held it up at the party, what a great time we had!

I also signed with a licensing agent this last week. I huge decision that was not made lightly. I am totally committed to making this work and very excited. As images are selected for products I will be posting it so I can share it with everyone.  I feel behind already since I have to organize and number all my artwork and images, that is NO easy task for someone who has been painting and drawing for so many years. 

Yesterday was the fourth of July, Independence Day! We had everyone over for a barbeque and swimming and it was a great day. The weather was wonderful, not too hot and a cool breeze I will post pictures later.
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