Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Blog Hop Giveaway for the Fiber Art Connection- Day 1- Desiree Habicht

Hi everyone, its Desiree Habicht and I am so excited to share some exciting news with you! I have been working on a dream of mine! A place where fiber artists could come together to create a community and learn from some of the best. A safe place to post work and get help. A place to feel connected to other like minded artists while building a tool box full of techniques to help take your art to the next level. A place where everyone is welcome, a place where circumstances wont keep you from being your creative self! That place is called The Fiber Art Connection.

I have gathered 8 of the best Fiber Art Instructors from around the world to teach you some amazing techniques and connect with you so you can learn right from your home! This week all 8 of us are having a blog hop to share a little bit about ourselves and the special class we are teaching in Session One. Make sure you check out the site and save your seat! Registration CLOSES on March 15, 2016
Each Artist has contributed some awesome prizes for our Artist Goody Basket, filled with items that will be useful in our classes that one lucky person will win!

This is how it will work;

To Enter the giveaway and have multiple chances to win you can:
  • Register for Session One
  • Leaving a comment on each blog by answering the artists question
  • Sharing each blog post via social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Signing up for our Newsletter at http://www.fiberartconnection 
    You can enter at each stop along the tour until midnight your local time on 3/14, the day before Session 1 starts. We will then use random.org to choose a winner. The Artists Goodies will ship the next day to the luck winner.

    Today it all about ME!!! Yeah. My name is Desiree Habicht and in Session One I will be teaching you how to use colored pencils, my favorite being Inktense pencils to create a beautiful small art quilt. I will also be showing you some techniques for textures, resists and other ways you can use these pencils in your fiber art!!
    I hope you will join us at www.fiberartconnection.com

    Get to know me a bit better! 

    I have been asked some questions I hope you enjoy! Look for my question to you and answer in the comments!
    1. What draws you to the fiber arts? Why do you work the way you do? 
              I think it comes down to, I love art in a touchable format. I love the tactile part of fiber art. Most of the time Art is something you look at only but with fiber art there is a totally different element. It is a touchable art form.  I work the way I do because I can't help it! I love to tell my stories through my fiber art. Most every piece I do tells a story, something best told with fiber.
    2.  Tell us about your studio! Where in the world is it? Is it clean or messy? is it hidden away or out in the open?
             My studio is a converted bedroom in my home but I also have other work areas around the house. For instance, part of the garage is a cutting room, part of my bedroom is a sketching and painting place, my closet hold much of my fabric lines and the guest room is full of art! LOL My husband says the house is really my studio! My actual studio room is usually in a bit of a mess. Since its a bedroom I can close it off from viewing and leave things out as I work. This way if I can work for a short time it is ready for me to pop in and create!
    3.   What is your favorite color and why? 
               HMMM, that is hard since I love all color! I think I love greens and oranges. I think of nature when I see them, fall, holidays, all the good things for me!
    4.    What is your least favorite thing to do when you're working on a piece?
                Cook, clean, answer the phone or go to bed! I just want to keep working until I want to stop
    5.    If you could fly where would you go?
                I would fly across the country and view all the amazing National parks from the air! 
    6.    Tell us about the class you're teaching in The Fiber Art Connection. What do you hope your students will learn from this?
    creating beautiful colors
               I am teaching how to use colored pencil, watercolor pencil and/or Inktense pencil on your fiber art to create some amazing effects. We will be creating a small piece and then we will be discussing how to enhance your Fiber art in other ways with these sticks of color! I will also show them how to make them completely permanent and washable as well as colorfast. I will be teaching how to do some textures and faux finishes without anything else but your colored pencil. I want my students to learn how they can create amazing detail and depth in their quilts or create complete quilts with colored pencils. They are only limited by their own imaginations.
    Some stitching

    7.    Where else can we find you on the internet?  
     You can find me on :

    So my question to you is what is your favorite season to color? Fall with its rich oranges and reds? Spring with its fresh pinks and lime greens, Summer with its hot yellows and blues or winter with its greys, whites and purples?

    Tell me your favorite season!

    Good Luck and I hope you win!!

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