Monday, November 14, 2016

Our Crazy trip to Houston

This years trip to Houston was one of the most challenging years of all......

My 60th birthday party was on Oct 17th and Randy surprised me with a party of family and friends. It was an amazing evening and I loved it! But, we think it was this outing that caused us all to come down with a really bad cold before we left. We could feel it coming on and with the crazy hours, lack of sleep, stress we knew we couldn't avoid this bullet! I got it first then Jennifer and finally Randy. The weather didn't help and right before our trip we were hit with a thunder storm that blew out our refrigerator in the garage. With a few days to go I now had to clean that out and try and save our food, but we were too late. We continued to push ourselves to finish in time but it was getting almost impossible to keep our eyes open at night. I was cutting fabric in the garage on my cutting table and noticed a stream of water coming from the water heater. I thought, OH NO!! What now! I originally thought it was a sign the water heater was going out but we came to find that we had developed an under the slab leak and the plumber suggested us rerouting our plumbing!!! WHAT?? NO, we are going to HOUSTON! So for the final few days before our trip we played the game of turning off and on our water as needed. We would deal with this when we got home I still had to sew! On the final day we started our day at 8am, packing, packaging, cleaning the pool, watering plants, shopping, washing clothes, sewing and finally finished at 1:30 am, Randy was still burning the last of the CD's at that time. We had packed the van that day, filling it to the brim with boxes and product. The roof was also loaded with tables and pattern racks. Finally at 2am we loaded up Jennifer, the dog and then packed in the last of the items all around Jennifer and began our crazy journey. As we rounded the corner we began our check list, did you turn off the water? Yes, "Did you turn on the lights?", Yes, " Did you remember the paperwork and our name tags? Yes.  Jenn did we get all your meds? Yes, Did someone bring phone chargers? I did! What about Chloe's costume? This constant stream of questioning continued for several minutes until I felt we had totally exhausted all the possibilities and that we had not forgotten anything. Anything we were supposed to bring, anything we were supposed to do to button up the house, people to call, etc. And so we settled in to our long drive. By this time I was really feeling terrible, the long hours and constant work had drained my system and now the cold was zapping the last bit of energy I had. The van was packed so tightly I felt like a sardine and I was surrounded by pillows and food and next to me was a stack of quilts that I was supposed to sew on my drive into Houston. I had brought everything I needed to sew on the binding and as I began the trip I didn't see how I could manage anything else. 

Chloe's little bit of space in the van as we traveled! She is such a good girl!

Miracles do happen! And Randy managed to drive all night and until about 2pm the next day so that we could reach our first destination in our trip. He had calculated out how many hours he needed to drive each day so that we would arrive on time. He had a schedule and he was going to make sure we made it. I slept, or tried to but there was no getting comfortable in that seat and Jennifer and I managed to sleep off and on until daylight. We needed to stop and rearrange boxes so we could tilt Jennifers wheelchair back so she could get some sleep, that helped and we were on the road again. Her chair has been broken for months and getting it fixed is another story but I managed to beg enough that they came out and replaced her battery so her chair would at least run. Thankful for that we felt we could handle the other issues until our return. That next morning as she awoke and we decided to make a stop at a rest stop for her and the dog we realized her chair was stuck in the reclining position! She couldn't get it to return to upright and we could not move her or get her out of the van. Randy managed to play with the cables and the connections until finally the chair squealed and returned to upright. Our new rule for the next few days was no reclining.

By the time we reached Houston we had a broken windshield and I had spilt coffee on my quilts sitting next to me waiting to be bound. Thank God one of my mug rugs had caught most of the coffee but I still spent a half an hour in a gas station restroom scrubbing the others. It was not an easy trip this year. The southern route we took which was shorter was also less populated and the rest stops didn't really have wheelchair accessible bathrooms if you can believe that. It added to our crazy story but we would lay in bed at night and share the positive and we were thankful for our trip!  
Arrived!! And the weather is great!! Last year we had a Hurricane hit! LOL

But something wonderful and crazy happens when you arrive, the building is filled with people all scrambling to set up and there is an energy and excitement that takes over. All those long hours filled with doubts of why are we doing this seem to fade away and we're filled with the anticipation of seeing friends, colleagues, shop owners, distributors and you, the end user, the quilter I design for. 
Jenn and Kristin of Fiber on a Whim have tons of fun hanging out at the show!

Our booth is not complicated like some of the big companies. They have crews that actually come in and build their booths. You can hear the hum of drills, screw guns and fork lifts moving these large containers around the convention center. Its best that Jennifer stays out of this wild flurry of activity and vehicles by staying within the safety of our hotel room. Our booth consists of hanging quilts mainly, deciding where and how we want the booth to flow. This year we had decided to not only do Quilt Market which is the wholesale part of the show for the shop owners and distributors but to also stay to sell to the public at Festival. Our single booth for Market will be redesigned as we opened up to a double booth for the public. Its crazy and fun with a hum of activity as everyone is scrambling to set up before Quilt Markets opening day and Sample spree. 
Our Booth for Market. See our new Hedgehog Fabric line Quilt in the middle?
Our newest fabric line and Hedgehog Quilt pattern designed by Larene at The Quilted Button

Sample Spree is a 2 hour, pre-sale event where the shop owners can buy samples or sample packs of items that are normally sold in large quantities. For example, Moda Fabrics sell their new fabric lines in pre-cut bundles so shops can buy their favorite lines and take them back to the shop to create projects before the fabric actually arrives. Each vendor there has a special Sample Spree package. This is a very popular event and the women line up for hours ahead of time to assure that they get in and get what they are after first. Needless to say the popular fabric companies often sell out before Sample Spree is over. We have done this event for years and find it crazy fun. 
A small part of a very long line waiting to get into Sample Spree

We are all set up and ready for the lines of people, can you see the fabric stacked behind us! 

Before the show begins and while we have been busy in the vendors section setting up, a whole different crew has been hanging the show quilts in a large area next to us. This part of the show will not be viewed until Festival when the public arrives. It is a wonderful time for us as vendors to walk through these exhibits and look at them. I often have an art quilt in the show so its fun to get some pictures before the show begins and the crowds arrive. 

Quilting Treasures Booth and my new fabric line on display on the end cap! Buyers come in from all over to look at and purchase the fabric lines 

In Hoffman Fabrics booth Melissa Alverino's Quilt hung and it was impressive! 

The show is filled with meetings, orders, promoting, marketing along with trying to run around and shop and visit other booths. It starts early and ends late.and then we start the hunt for somewhere to eat and what to eat. To make things easy we could just eat in the hotel but the food is not great and its very expensive. We often opt to walk to another restaurant in the area if the weather allows. During the show was Halloween so many people were dressed up and we took this opportunity to let Chloe have some fun too! The people at the show look forward to seeing Chloe's Halloween costume for that year! She is often the subject of peoples photos and attention. But sometimes you meet the most unusual produce in the elevator!

Me and Cecile Whatman from Australia! We had dinner together a few nights which was wonderful

Me and Lisa Chin grabbing a selfie before the show ended.

The next few days are a blur and on Monday at 4pm Quilt Market 2016 is over. This is when many of the companies begin to tear their booths down and move out since they do not sell to the public. This is total chaos, organized chaos, but its still wild. People can tear down a booth much faster than setting one up. For the first time we aren't leaving and we settle back and just move our stuff to the center of our booth. As many move out the Exhibit Hall is redesigned for Festival, we now have a double booth to decorate and the layout is all different. We pull in our tables and wrap everything up and will wait until morning to begin the redesign. We will have Tuesday and part of Wednesday to set up for Festival before Preview night, Wednesday at 5pm.  
We are ready for Preview night and Festival to begin!
All done and ready to go!

You can see Jenn braced for the onslaught and Chloe has found a safe spot too!

We have never done Festival before and although we have heard about it we underestimated how many people would attend. We thought we had brought enough patterns to get us through the show but ran out of 6 of our patterns fairly early in the show. We also ran out of flyers and business cards which put us at a disadvantage. I had no idea the size of this show and will plan for that next year! It was amazing to see the streams of people that first night over take our booth and fill it to capacity. It was exciting and scary at the same time. Jennifer was parked right outside our booth, next to an small wall to protect her and Chloe from the herds of people running through the show that first night, trying to buy up the things that they felt would be gone by Saturday. I had no idea!! They said over 55,000 people had pre-bought tickets and that didn't take into account how many people just come and buy their tickets at the door. I don't have the total numbers but I am anxious to find out. 
A photo from above only shows a small part of an expansive set up and show floor. Everyone is set up and ready
And so it begins

Festival is the biggest Quilt show in the country and I can say that I live through it!! We started every morning at 9:30 and it was over at 7:00pm. The constant stream of people made it almost impossible to leave the booth for lunch or to even go to the bathroom. One day during a slow down I ran to the bathroom and when I returned Randy was buried in people! He had texted my phone the word "HELP" but with all the noise I didn't hear it and was only gone a few minutes. Jennifer even ended up buying us lunch a few days and carefully transporting it back to our booth. One day we had to go look for her and found her on the second floor, trapped since no one would hold the elevator for her. By the end of the day we were often tired and hungry and came to find out early that all these extra people that come for Festival meant that the local restaurants were very busy and to eat, even in the Hotel, was often a 2 hour wait. Some vendors don't stay local and must then drive to there lodging and find or make their dinners.  We waited that first night to eat but figured out a plan of leaving a bit early to put our name in before the show let out. It worked and we managed to stay fed for the next few days. 
Everywhere we go Chloe seems to be the center of attention and the sign on her back that says service dog, please ask to pet me, is hard to enforce all the time. Some times you just need to let the love happen!
Love Happens

Jennifer and I managed to see Susan Carlson's exhibit and giant Alligator quilt before the show closed! Impressive!!

BYE HOUSTON until next year!! 

The Sam Houston statue on our drive out.

Our trip home was filled with crazy weather, challenging road conditions and long days of driving. Jennifer always chooses a book for us to listen to on our trip and we get very engrossed in those but this year we were streaming the election results on our drive home. I won't comment either way but it was historic and kept us all awake and alert as we made our way to our final hotel stay. We knew when we had hit Flagstaff we were almost home. One more day of driving and we would be pulling into our driveway and sleeping in our bed!! That is an awesome thought. 
Much of Texas is flat and involves weather. Texans are a hardy bunch!

This is just our story, one small story in a maze of stories. During this show we heard of vendors in car accidents, one of the vendors had his trailer and all his product stolen, family deaths while they were away and more. We feel blessed to have been able to attend the show with only minor issues and lots of rewards. We made new friends, visited old friends, met up with cross country friends and across the world friends. We even snuck in a family dinner at our favorite restaurant, Guadalajara's in downtown. 
My cousin and his wife who live in Houston

This is just one of the crazy, untold stories of traveling to work these shows. I can say it was amazing, exhausting, a lot of hard work yet fun, exciting and full of energy. I came away motivated and encouraged that the stress of adding machine embroidery to our line was well worth the effort. As we were breaking down our booth that last night I remember feeling so satisfied, like I had run a marathon and come out a winner! That we had done it and done it well. The feed back from the quilters at Festival was so wonderful and I loved hearing how much they loved my designs and quilt patterns. I never really hear much of that at Market so that part was so encouraging. That is really why we do what we do, we love creating and we love creating for you. Hearing your feed back fills our hearts and inspires us even more. It feels the same when I teach, that reward of sharing something with others is just so special.  Randy and I continued to discuss the work that needed to be done when we got home with a new tone in our voice. It was that feeling of doing it again and the excitement about moving on to our next designs. 

We are home, dealing with the things that need to be taken care of now, filling orders, shipping, following up on leads and contacts. Its not over, its just a flow, from one show to the next one in January. We don't really do a lot of trade shows and have a appreciation for those who do. Its hard work, long hours, its so much more than a few days at the show. 

So with all that said, I hope you enjoyed taking our trip with us. Sharing the ups and downs of this creative life we share. I hope the next time you attend a quilt show you will have a better understanding of what goes into making it all come together for you to have fun buying patterns and fabrics, nick nacks and new tools to use in your sewing rooms. The work involved to haul all the sewing machines and tables for you to try. Its all about getting us all together, in one place where we can admire, learn from, buy from and share our love for this industry! Its about sharing this love of Quilting with each other!! 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Join me for a free webinar! Tips and strategies to take the craze out of the holidaze!

I have been so busy getting ready for the big quilt show in October since we are creating all new products. Its been both exciting and crazy all at the same time. Even with all the new things happening here at Desiree's Designs I still have my normal, everyday type of things just like you that I need to get done. I don't seem to have those cleaning and cooking fairies that come in and clean up for me during the night. To fit it all in and still love what I do without going crazy I need to have a plan! I often am asked how I manage to get so much stuff done in the same 24 hours that we all have. I wouldn't be able to do half of what I do in my business if I didn't have things written down and scheduled. I can almost hear you now..

What!! A list?? A Calendar?
Yes, and it's more than just that, it's actually writing it all down and scheduling when you are going to DO it, not when its due. So I thought I would help you get started with a webinar to get you excited about being organized for the holidays, you will appreciate me later in the year! (I hope)

This will be a fun filled hour where you will take the time to actually write it all down. You know there is power in words and in the written word. Just by setting the intention and committing to getting it done things begin to happen. Won't you join me, its FREE!

My Believe Box, I write it down an put it inside! I believe we can do this!

I would also love it if you share you tips with me here! I will compile them and put it together as a download for everyone at the webinar. I love organizational tips and I am sure we can all glean from each other! I hope to see you on OCT 1, at 5pm PST. Sign up here!

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Blog Hop Giveaway for the Fiber Art Connection- Day 1- Desiree Habicht

Hi everyone, its Desiree Habicht and I am so excited to share some exciting news with you! I have been working on a dream of mine! A place where fiber artists could come together to create a community and learn from some of the best. A safe place to post work and get help. A place to feel connected to other like minded artists while building a tool box full of techniques to help take your art to the next level. A place where everyone is welcome, a place where circumstances wont keep you from being your creative self! That place is called The Fiber Art Connection.

I have gathered 8 of the best Fiber Art Instructors from around the world to teach you some amazing techniques and connect with you so you can learn right from your home! This week all 8 of us are having a blog hop to share a little bit about ourselves and the special class we are teaching in Session One. Make sure you check out the site and save your seat! Registration CLOSES on March 15, 2016
Each Artist has contributed some awesome prizes for our Artist Goody Basket, filled with items that will be useful in our classes that one lucky person will win!

This is how it will work;

To Enter the giveaway and have multiple chances to win you can:
  • Register for Session One
  • Leaving a comment on each blog by answering the artists question
  • Sharing each blog post via social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Signing up for our Newsletter at http://www.fiberartconnection 
    You can enter at each stop along the tour until midnight your local time on 3/14, the day before Session 1 starts. We will then use to choose a winner. The Artists Goodies will ship the next day to the luck winner.

    Today it all about ME!!! Yeah. My name is Desiree Habicht and in Session One I will be teaching you how to use colored pencils, my favorite being Inktense pencils to create a beautiful small art quilt. I will also be showing you some techniques for textures, resists and other ways you can use these pencils in your fiber art!!
    I hope you will join us at

    Get to know me a bit better! 

    I have been asked some questions I hope you enjoy! Look for my question to you and answer in the comments!
    1. What draws you to the fiber arts? Why do you work the way you do? 
              I think it comes down to, I love art in a touchable format. I love the tactile part of fiber art. Most of the time Art is something you look at only but with fiber art there is a totally different element. It is a touchable art form.  I work the way I do because I can't help it! I love to tell my stories through my fiber art. Most every piece I do tells a story, something best told with fiber.
    2.  Tell us about your studio! Where in the world is it? Is it clean or messy? is it hidden away or out in the open?
             My studio is a converted bedroom in my home but I also have other work areas around the house. For instance, part of the garage is a cutting room, part of my bedroom is a sketching and painting place, my closet hold much of my fabric lines and the guest room is full of art! LOL My husband says the house is really my studio! My actual studio room is usually in a bit of a mess. Since its a bedroom I can close it off from viewing and leave things out as I work. This way if I can work for a short time it is ready for me to pop in and create!
    3.   What is your favorite color and why? 
               HMMM, that is hard since I love all color! I think I love greens and oranges. I think of nature when I see them, fall, holidays, all the good things for me!
    4.    What is your least favorite thing to do when you're working on a piece?
                Cook, clean, answer the phone or go to bed! I just want to keep working until I want to stop
    5.    If you could fly where would you go?
                I would fly across the country and view all the amazing National parks from the air! 
    6.    Tell us about the class you're teaching in The Fiber Art Connection. What do you hope your students will learn from this?
    creating beautiful colors
               I am teaching how to use colored pencil, watercolor pencil and/or Inktense pencil on your fiber art to create some amazing effects. We will be creating a small piece and then we will be discussing how to enhance your Fiber art in other ways with these sticks of color! I will also show them how to make them completely permanent and washable as well as colorfast. I will be teaching how to do some textures and faux finishes without anything else but your colored pencil. I want my students to learn how they can create amazing detail and depth in their quilts or create complete quilts with colored pencils. They are only limited by their own imaginations.
    Some stitching

    7.    Where else can we find you on the internet?  
     You can find me on :

    So my question to you is what is your favorite season to color? Fall with its rich oranges and reds? Spring with its fresh pinks and lime greens, Summer with its hot yellows and blues or winter with its greys, whites and purples?

    Tell me your favorite season!

    Good Luck and I hope you win!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Fiber Art Connection is open for Registration!!!

I am so excited to finally reveal something that I have been working on for almost a year. It has had its ups and downs but today it is really happening and I am so excited!! I couldn't wait to share it with all of you! 
The Fiber Art Connection is Here!!

Today the official registration opens and classes start on March 15th! This is a program so dear to my heart, a way to connect teachers and students that might not have the opportunity to travel for classes. I was one of those, many years ago, struggling to build my art quilting tool box and I had no one I could ask for help. Due to a family tragedy I was unable to travel and so wanted to have some connection with other  artists and creatives. It was my hearts desire to never let others be left out, we now have a place to connect, to learn, to ask questions, to get the answers and help from those who are leading our industry! I also had a dream of artists working together to create a unique artist community, working together in each session.

In The Fiber Art Connection Artists work together to provide students a session that has a full series of classes to offer everyone. There are 8 Artists, 10 weeks filled with creative joy! Come over and meet the artists, learn about their classes! It is that community feel I want for The Fiber Art Connection not just a static classroom environment! I want a feeling of family, community as we all work together to share talents, strengths and our expertise with others out their that desire the same. A place where Fiber Artists can learn how to move their art forward into shows, a business, or just for fun. I hope you will take a moment and check out the website and see if this is the perfect fit for you! This is Session 1 and we are all so excited to share stitching, painting, collage, layering, colored pencils, design and composition, how to enter shows and more. This is a whole new experience, a new vision for Fiber Art.  Share this with your friends and join us in this special place filled with talent, friendship and community.
See you there!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Making my "BELIEVE" Box- a fun repurposing tutorial with a box and painted canvas!

When I choose my word each year I like to somehow turn it into art, either a painting, a quilt, a something special that I can have in my studio to remind me of my intention for the year. This year, as you all know, my word is "BELIEVE"!  As I was pondering what to put my word on I was straightening up from the holidays and was putting all the tea away from a gift I received. It was a gift box of different teas and when the boxes were put away I still had a wooden box that just couldn't be thrown away!!

I have been creating these wonderful pieces of painted canvas. I buy rolls of primed canvas and then I paint them with friends, with my grandkids, as classes and then they sit in an almost finished state, rolled up until I decide to use them to create something magical. I love them so much that half of the battle is cutting them up. I think I would like to wall paper my studio in them because they make me feel happy! They are bold, bright and wildly designed. All intuitive and nothing ever planned. This seemed like the perfect project for one of my pieces. I choose one that my grandkids helped me paint!

I set the box onto the fabric piece and marked it, my plan was to wrap it from the bottom up the sides and then piece the inside. 

Never having done this before it seemed to make sense but the fact that I was going to cut this up was a bit nerve racking. None the less, nothing ventured nothing gained and I pushed through and made my marks and cut out the corner sections and trimmed off the excess canvas. 
I used Mod Podge to attach to box, painting both canvas and box with it
Next I set the box onto my marked square and began to roll the sides up the sides of the box. I rubbed and burnished all the canvas to make sure there were no air bubbles and that my canvas was tight to the surface. 

I then started to audition pieces or the inside, saving one for the bottom of the inside that was my favorite. I also had to add other strips from other canvases to make the sides work without piecing them. 
After I wrapped the sides and burnished them down I took a razor knife and trimmed off the excess on top of the sides. Being careful to keep my fingers out of the way so as to avoid all injuries and blood on my project!

I next added some of the inside wall pieces and then added the one inside bottom piece that I would have also wrap up two of the inside walls as well as the bottom. Carefully trimming again.

Next I painted the Mod Podge over the corners and edges to make sure everything stays down. Next I spent some time with Acrylic paint pens and gel pens finishing up the details and writing things on my canvas that makes it personal to me. This part of the project is so special and also adds so much detail to the painted shapes which gives it a finished feeling. I also painted the top edge black. After I was done I then sealed it with Mod Podge over the entire box.
The inside of my box before sealing

** Word of Wisdom, sadly I didn't give my gel pens time to cure, I think they probably needed a few days and so the white smeared and had to be reapplied when the Mod Podge was dry. I still love it but suggest some drying time before sealing or use a spray sealer. Enjoy!

I love my box and I will use it to hold things I believe in for the New Year, I can also set it on my book shelves as inspiration. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

2016, a year of possibilities!

I took some time to be with family over the holidays and it was wonderful. Like everyone's family ours is not with out its issues but it seems like during the holidays everyone can come together and enjoy just being a family, well most everyone. I took some time to reflect over the past year, the struggles, the triumphs, the losses and the new things that came to pass in 2015. Change is a constant yet it never becomes easier. When I become so busy I often quickly forget the accomplishment since I am on to the next thing. Taking the time to slow down and look back on all the things I have done is critical in feeling like I am moving forward, accomplishing my goals and doing the things I want to do with my time and life. I enjoyed every moment of my time of reflection and family this year. One of the other things I loved looking back on were the amazing people I was able to meet traveling around teaching and at the trade shows. What a blessing! I want to thank each of you for your support each year.  Now for this year! Every year I choose a word of intention for the next year, this year my word is BELIEVE.
Setting Intentions for 2016 with a word.

I Love to choose a word for each year, words can be powerful and positive. I like the idea of not setting myself up for disappointment with resolutions but instead I set myself up for all things possible. This year my word is Believe:
1. To have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so: Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully. If you would like to find your word feel free to join Christine Kane and do her worksheet to find your own word for 2016!

Tradeshows- We did 4 trade shows this last year and had a wonderful
time showing new patterns and fabric to shops and lovely quilters all over
the west coast. Traveling to do these shows is always challenging but
Houston was amazing, check out my blog post! Thank you for stopping
by our booth!! We are so excited to tell you that we will be at Road to
California in the tent this year so I hope you get a chance to come by
and say HI! It is January 21-24.

2. New Fabric Lines- I released 3 new lines this year!! Owl
in the Family was released at Spring Market and has been a best
seller! Lazy Little Ladybugs was released in the Fall and is now
hitting the retail shops. Kaleidoscope is shipping in February and
is a mixed media line with wonderful coordinating fabrics. It was
so much fun creating exciting projects and patterns for each line.
Check out my website for free downloads and fabric and patterns.
Each designs is special and has a place in my heart as do all the
 projects I create. Thank you for purchasing my patterns and fabric!
I love to hear how excited you are when you bring my designs into
your sewing room.

Lazy Little Ladybugs available now
Owl Pillow pattern is now available on my website

Creating designs 
that you love is the 
best reward as a 
designer and artist!

3. Travel- I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Ohio and
do 3 tapings for Quilting Arts TV!! They can be seen on series
1600 along with writing 3 articles that have been showing up
in the Quilting Arts Magazine! Thank you Quilting Arts for a
wonderful experience and I want to Thank all of you who watch
and buy the magazines and DVD's! I am so excited to be a part
of the Quilting scene both in print and on TV!

4. Designs- I started designing stencils for StencilGirl Products this year! 
I have added some links so you can see some of my blog posts and 
projects using stencils! I love applying them to many different 
surfaces! Thank you for purchasing my stencil designs! I would
love to see what you do with them!
5. Painting Parties- I also started Desiree's Art Parties this year!
I love teaching art in all forms and this seemed like a low stress,
fun way for new artists to explore their own creative talents in a
fun setting. They have been so much fun and Randy and I have
met some wonderful new friends in our own community! 
January 14th is my next class, here is the link! Make it a date
night with your sweetie or a night out with friends. Thank you 
for making what I do so much fun!

Our Pear Party

Januarys Painting will be our tree of hearts

6. Touring, Teaching and Sharing- I was able to tour Moore's 
Sewing Centers and teach a bit more this year! Thank you 
for supporting my classes and coming to hear me speak, 
what a blessing to be able to touch so many people with 
our story and meet such creative women! 

Painting fabric and creating beautiful art quilts and table runners
was my last class in 2015.

Art Applique Class in San Diego, I am teaching this again in 2016

7. Online Teaching- I was also so excited to launch my first 
beginning online art class! I am getting ready to release it again! 
It is a wonderful way to improve your drawing skills that will 
help you move forward in any area of your art. Check it out here 
8. Website- My least fun thing that I had to do this year was to 
rebuild my website so that it was mobile friendly. But I did it!! 
My quilt pattern and fabric website to be mobile friendly and I 
set up my new fine art and fiber art website. I hope if you have 
time you will drop by to check them out. and 

This is a glimpse of my year , a tiny taste of what happened 
in my business and I want to tell you how much I enjoyed how
 you touched my life during 2015. I was so busy my blog 
suffered so I will be working on posting more often, somehow! 
Remember I BELIEVE!  It was definitely a year full of so many 
blessings. I want to thank each of you for being a part of it and 
I look forward to seeing you again this year, building on what 
we started in 2015 and making this year even better. Many 
blessing to you! 
My Newest Fabric has arrived!

My newest fabric, Lazy Little Ladybugs, has arrived at stores 
near you and on my website. I still have some of my Owl fabric 
left too! But hurry its selling out fast! Check out all my new 
patterns too, lots of great e-patterns to choose from so you 
can get them immediately! I also have some free downloadable 
patterns just for you!

My blog has been sadly neglected, I just feel like I don't want to just be
more noise out there, taking up your valuable time with chit chat.
I want to make sure I am offering something worth the time to read,
something worth your visit.

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