Monday, January 11, 2016

2016, a year of possibilities!

I took some time to be with family over the holidays and it was wonderful. Like everyone's family ours is not with out its issues but it seems like during the holidays everyone can come together and enjoy just being a family, well most everyone. I took some time to reflect over the past year, the struggles, the triumphs, the losses and the new things that came to pass in 2015. Change is a constant yet it never becomes easier. When I become so busy I often quickly forget the accomplishment since I am on to the next thing. Taking the time to slow down and look back on all the things I have done is critical in feeling like I am moving forward, accomplishing my goals and doing the things I want to do with my time and life. I enjoyed every moment of my time of reflection and family this year. One of the other things I loved looking back on were the amazing people I was able to meet traveling around teaching and at the trade shows. What a blessing! I want to thank each of you for your support each year.  Now for this year! Every year I choose a word of intention for the next year, this year my word is BELIEVE.
Setting Intentions for 2016 with a word.

I Love to choose a word for each year, words can be powerful and positive. I like the idea of not setting myself up for disappointment with resolutions but instead I set myself up for all things possible. This year my word is Believe:
1. To have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so: Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully. If you would like to find your word feel free to join Christine Kane and do her worksheet to find your own word for 2016!

Tradeshows- We did 4 trade shows this last year and had a wonderful
time showing new patterns and fabric to shops and lovely quilters all over
the west coast. Traveling to do these shows is always challenging but
Houston was amazing, check out my blog post! Thank you for stopping
by our booth!! We are so excited to tell you that we will be at Road to
California in the tent this year so I hope you get a chance to come by
and say HI! It is January 21-24.

2. New Fabric Lines- I released 3 new lines this year!! Owl
in the Family was released at Spring Market and has been a best
seller! Lazy Little Ladybugs was released in the Fall and is now
hitting the retail shops. Kaleidoscope is shipping in February and
is a mixed media line with wonderful coordinating fabrics. It was
so much fun creating exciting projects and patterns for each line.
Check out my website for free downloads and fabric and patterns.
Each designs is special and has a place in my heart as do all the
 projects I create. Thank you for purchasing my patterns and fabric!
I love to hear how excited you are when you bring my designs into
your sewing room.

Lazy Little Ladybugs available now
Owl Pillow pattern is now available on my website

Creating designs 
that you love is the 
best reward as a 
designer and artist!

3. Travel- I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Ohio and
do 3 tapings for Quilting Arts TV!! They can be seen on series
1600 along with writing 3 articles that have been showing up
in the Quilting Arts Magazine! Thank you Quilting Arts for a
wonderful experience and I want to Thank all of you who watch
and buy the magazines and DVD's! I am so excited to be a part
of the Quilting scene both in print and on TV!

4. Designs- I started designing stencils for StencilGirl Products this year! 
I have added some links so you can see some of my blog posts and 
projects using stencils! I love applying them to many different 
surfaces! Thank you for purchasing my stencil designs! I would
love to see what you do with them!
5. Painting Parties- I also started Desiree's Art Parties this year!
I love teaching art in all forms and this seemed like a low stress,
fun way for new artists to explore their own creative talents in a
fun setting. They have been so much fun and Randy and I have
met some wonderful new friends in our own community! 
January 14th is my next class, here is the link! Make it a date
night with your sweetie or a night out with friends. Thank you 
for making what I do so much fun!

Our Pear Party

Januarys Painting will be our tree of hearts

6. Touring, Teaching and Sharing- I was able to tour Moore's 
Sewing Centers and teach a bit more this year! Thank you 
for supporting my classes and coming to hear me speak, 
what a blessing to be able to touch so many people with 
our story and meet such creative women! 

Painting fabric and creating beautiful art quilts and table runners
was my last class in 2015.

Art Applique Class in San Diego, I am teaching this again in 2016

7. Online Teaching- I was also so excited to launch my first 
beginning online art class! I am getting ready to release it again! 
It is a wonderful way to improve your drawing skills that will 
help you move forward in any area of your art. Check it out here 
8. Website- My least fun thing that I had to do this year was to 
rebuild my website so that it was mobile friendly. But I did it!! 
My quilt pattern and fabric website to be mobile friendly and I 
set up my new fine art and fiber art website. I hope if you have 
time you will drop by to check them out. and 

This is a glimpse of my year , a tiny taste of what happened 
in my business and I want to tell you how much I enjoyed how
 you touched my life during 2015. I was so busy my blog 
suffered so I will be working on posting more often, somehow! 
Remember I BELIEVE!  It was definitely a year full of so many 
blessings. I want to thank each of you for being a part of it and 
I look forward to seeing you again this year, building on what 
we started in 2015 and making this year even better. Many 
blessing to you! 
My Newest Fabric has arrived!

My newest fabric, Lazy Little Ladybugs, has arrived at stores 
near you and on my website. I still have some of my Owl fabric 
left too! But hurry its selling out fast! Check out all my new 
patterns too, lots of great e-patterns to choose from so you 
can get them immediately! I also have some free downloadable 
patterns just for you!

My blog has been sadly neglected, I just feel like I don't want to just be
more noise out there, taking up your valuable time with chit chat.
I want to make sure I am offering something worth the time to read,
something worth your visit.


Linda Ippel said...

I had trouble reading all of the post. The sidebar covered up some of the blog post, making it invisible to me. I'm interested in all you have to say! BTW, I have chosen the word FEARLESS for my 2016 year. We don't always get to choose our path, and we often don't like it. However, I am never alone, and I do not need to fear. I saw your "believe" box on FB, and want to know more about how you did it.

Desiree Habicht said...

Hi Linda, I will post today and fix the alignment issue! Thanks for letting me know!

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