Saturday, April 28, 2012

The gardens are in bloom

This is such a busy and exciting time in every aspect, art, quilting, and the garden. Getting everything ready for the upcoming trade show and garden tour has been a flurry of activity. I don't know why it is that we wait until 1200 people are preparing to walk through the garden to do those last few projects! The blessing from all this hard work is that it will benefit the child abuse and neglect unit at Riverside Regional. It is also wonderful that everything will be ready for this upcoming season.
My GF Marta, an amazing photographer, came over recently to play with a macro lens,she captured some beautiful close up shots of some of the wonderful textures, colors and designs found in the garden. Can you see a painting or quilt design here?! Now you can see what truly inspires me! To see more of Marta's photography check out, http// More later

- Desiree

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cara Cara wins members choice award!

My pastel painting, Cara Cara, won 1st place in the members choice award. Everyone attending the reception was able to vote in catagories, I was honored to win best in still life/ abstract. Thank you Pastel Society of Southern California!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Getting ready for Spring Market!

I am working on some new quiltlettes for Spring Market. I thought I would concentrate on Christmas although I have another youth quilt I hope to get done that is not Christmas. The show is in Missouri and I am thinking that most of my patterns will be new to the shops back there. I have never done a midwest show. We are going to make a vacation out of it and we are all getting very excited. Here is one of my new 12"x12" quiltlettes. I love these little quilts, they are fast and can be made into pillows, wall hangings, or little lap quilts by adding the others. There will be 3 in this set and I have another set of snowmen, I will post soon. What do think?

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

More Lettering fun!

I am having a great time just doodling and having fun creating different texts and styles. I am excited about it because I think it will make my journal so much more interesting. I feel like I have let that part of my journal slip, my handwriting is terrible and I need to take more care in how and what I say in the journals. I want all of the elements to be important. Why spend time on a nice drawing or painting if I just ruin it with sloppy writing. This class has giving handwriting lessons a whole new meaning. Whats nice is that I can slip away to do it when I have a minute here or there. Since its not a huge project, I can do it in steps as I find the time. The class is given by Joanne Sharpe online so its wonderful because it will always be there for me to follow when I can. I am still at the beginning, I think this is lesson 5. I used micron pens, sharpies, copic markers, watercolor, white gel pen for this page.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Our opening reception for the Paint out

The reception turned out just perfect, tons of food, wine and music. Everyone arrived and the awards started at 7:00pm. I was honored to have won 3rd place with my pastel of the oranges at Citrus Park. I also was again surprised and excited to have my painting selected to receive the purchase award.  PAAR has an award where they purchase a painting to keep in the archives representing PAAR and the paint outs representing each year, so my painting will be this years purchase! Here are some pictures of the evening, most of my pictures didn't turn out. The lighting was a big factor but user error also contributed. I am the giant smile in this first photo, could it be any worse, I hate photos. I had some friends who came to support me which was so nice! All in all, I feel like this was my night! We were tempted to go to Vegas right after I then won a drawing for a book of the Fox Theater! I am sure people thought I was stealing things from the museum as I was leaving with my arms full of goodies!

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