Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Colored Pencil update

After seeing how far I had actually gotten I thought I should go ahead and scan in the drawing. Who knows the next step could ruin it. I always feel like I am one step from disaster since its hard to correct any mistakes here. But so far so good, and I am pleased with the progress. Unfortunately, my scanner cuts off her other leg. I do learn alot when I scan the picture and put it on the computer, the different angle and view helps me identify problem spots. Like right now, to me, the horse's chest looks a bit narrow, so I may have to make it wider. I will have to look at my photo first. Comments always very much appreciated.

Colored Pencil of my granddaughter on horseback

I am really trying to fit it all in these days. I know I have to be HDHDS, whatever they call it, I have a million projects I am jumping around on and never think twice about excepting more. Need to get a reality check and focus so I can wrap a few up. I am working on a huge quilt that I hope to enter into Houston, it was my goal this year to at least submit something and the one I was going to submit I can't, so I am trying to make a new one. But inbetween, when I am just sick of looking at fabric, I not only am sketching but working on getting to know colored pencils better. I am working on this picture of Kylie, my granddaughter, taking her riding lesson. She is riding the cutest bay Arab and I just love them together. I am a bit farther these days but thought I would post this early scan of it and I will post either another update or the finished drawing next.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Drawing in public

Well I had my yearly womenly doctors appointment. You know the ones where you get assaulted and have to pay for it. Well the waiting room is always full of moms, and kids and pregnant moms-be so I took along my sketching book. I knew the wait would be long so it was a great opportunity to draw people. The hardest part about drawing people in a small room when everyone is sitting in a big circle looking at each other is to not let them know I am drawing them. I have been getting better at looking harder and better so I don't have to look up as often. There were a group of kids in the waiting room, the one boy kept getting in trouble for not staying in his seat. His mom would scold him and he would sit still for about 15 seconds and then his spine would turn to jello and he would slither out of his chair, going under the arm and into the one next to them. It was funny watching her try and keep him corraled. The next set of kids were brother and sister, waiting for their mom with their grandma. The young girl kept trying to be the mom but the grandma had the final word. The little boy would pull away from the grandma and say "Where mommy go?" and the grandma would say "Shes coming" and then she would say "Come here" and he would say "NO!" and the whole conversation would start again. It repeated itself about 40 times before the nurse came out and put on a movie and saved the day for the grandma who was trying her best to keep him in line. LOL, the good ole days.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

WC Weekly challenge- dogwood

One of the members posted pictures of her mother's dogwood that is in full bloom. She took several pictures and posted them for us to draw this week. It was a great study in value and negative spaces. I am really pleased with the results, I did it with mechanical pencil in my sketchbook. Where I live we can not grow dogwoods so I envy those who can. I have tried several times, I order them from a catalog and this tiny little twig arrives. I spend the next few months babying this thing in hopes it will grow, but I haven't managed to get one to survive a full season. Its just not a Southern California (desert) plant!

Another WC weekly challenge

I loved the challenge picture this week, I hope to get a chance to redo it in color. I did the sketch after the zoo on Saturdays sketch crawl. I love the idea of capturing the reflections in glass since color shows up and is distorted. I haven't done much of them but admire those who do and want to attempt drawing it more often.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sketch Crawl at the Zoo

We had a great day today sketching with everyone. It was so nice to meet new people and just hang out. Although I think the zoo was disappointing the animals were very accommodating by keeping their movements to a minimum so we could draw them. The enclosures posed there own problem by limiting our view at times and we had to stand to draw. I took some great pictures which I plan on turning into paintings or more refined sketches. The flamingos were beautiful, bright oranges and soft coral pinks. They looked like someone took spray paint to them. Randy and Jennifer and I all talked about how poor the animals habitates were and how it was like going to a small town zoo where there was no budget for a real zoo, in LA! Shame on Los Angeles, it should be a top of the line facility. But it was a great day with some great people and most of the animals had babies which are always great for sketching. We have another sketchcrawl in a few weeks and I am hoping to make that one too. I really enjoy the time to just concentrate on drawing and visiting with fellow artist!

Friday, May 05, 2006

EDM #65 Noses

Here are the noses living in my house, the exception is my grandsons nose at the bottom. I also journaled everyones favorite smells. I will do the rest of my family as they come over to visit and write down their favorite things too. It was a fun study.
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