Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Colored Pencil of my granddaughter on horseback

I am really trying to fit it all in these days. I know I have to be HDHDS, whatever they call it, I have a million projects I am jumping around on and never think twice about excepting more. Need to get a reality check and focus so I can wrap a few up. I am working on a huge quilt that I hope to enter into Houston, it was my goal this year to at least submit something and the one I was going to submit I can't, so I am trying to make a new one. But inbetween, when I am just sick of looking at fabric, I not only am sketching but working on getting to know colored pencils better. I am working on this picture of Kylie, my granddaughter, taking her riding lesson. She is riding the cutest bay Arab and I just love them together. I am a bit farther these days but thought I would post this early scan of it and I will post either another update or the finished drawing next.

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