Sunday, June 17, 2012

New projects are emerging!

I have been working on a new series of butterfly fiber art pieces. They are for a new project that is scheduled to go live the first week in July. I can't spill the beans quite yet but it should be exciting and a lot of fun as well being a great opportunity for all of you, more later on that.
The Alliance for the American Quilt has a yearly challenge, this year I did mine and I love the way it turned out. I don't know if I mentioned that we had raised some butterflies lately, from caterpillars to butterflies. The twins loved this and we spent many hours observing these amazing insects transform into their winged finale. This was my inspiration for the AAQ's challenge, we had to make a house shaped quilt approx 19"x15", so I decided to do a butterfly house. Although we didn't raise monarchs that is what I painted since they were a bit more colorful than the painted ladies we ended up with. I placed them onto Matilla poppies which are also in bloom in my yard. These quilts will go on tour around the country to build excitement and interest for the auction which will help raise money for the group. If your a member I would appreciate your vote for my quilt since the awards are based on members votes, my number is 103. The quilt is painted, beaded and quilted by me. Here is the link to the quilt and description along with the website.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Home again, home again, rig a gig gig!

I can still hear my mom say that every time I pull into the driveway after a trip. It didn't matter if it was for the day or a week, she said it every time. I truly felt that way too.  Spring market was a huge success for us, newest bag and patterns were very well received. Then it was on to our vacation which was packed with fun and adventure. I will have another post for that part of the trip. The thing about vacations is its always nice to come home to your own bed and your clothes come out of a drawer verses a suitcase. Only a few mishaps like our washer breaking and overflowing, flooding our back laundry room and bathroom. Thank God we were home, doing our first load of laundry after our trip when it decided to spill its guts. All fixed and laundry all done in the middle of trying to make some end of the month deadlines. I was so excited that I made it!!! Yeah, see even me, the worlds worst procrastinator can get it done!

I need to catch everyone up on my busy, crazy life, this post will be about the garden tour. The weather was amazing and we had over 1200 people come through the yard. It was a fun day, filled with people who love the garden and plants as much as we do. My garden was called "The Artists Garden" and I had several friends sketching or painting on site. Selling cards, paintings etc. I had intended on sketching with Pat but was just too distracted with all the questions and people wanting to talk. It will forever be one of my best memories, giving back to the hospital that saved Jennifer's life and having such fun doing it. Be a cheerful giver!!!

My girlfriend Marta, is an talented photographer and came during the tour to photograph and help me capture the day. Most of these photos are from her, thank you Marta!! She managed to capture all the activities of the day.

our fountain all planted

Sally Holmes rose climbing up our arch in front yard

The side gate that leads to the rose garden

Our giant pot that sits behind the Playboy roses.

The bees love the yard and help me keep things going.

People milling about

My Bacchus man fountain that is also planted

more of the crowds

Pat came up to sketch with me

Hummingbirds love the Coral Trees that were in full bloom

Jennifer and I having fun visiting with Pat for a minute

My moss roof house full of succulents I did at Mariannes party is growing!

Looking over the pool

Randy greeting people

Pats view  as she sketched

Randy spent lots of time giving out his secret rose food mixture

Susan painting on site

The twins tea party table all set for guests

A bubbling fountain tucked into the rose garden, trumpeter roses are in front.

Betty Prior rose

Little birdhouses that the twins painted and sold to help raise money for abused children
My artichokes were loaded and so big that the guy writing the garden description wrote "artichoke tree"!

Pats sketching supplies and sketch, awesome!


More chatting

Susan selling artwork

One of my favorite pictures of my smoke tree backlit.

My stain glass hanging in the barbecue area

A perfect ending to a perfect day, thanks everyone that came and helped to make our tour a success!

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