Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sleeping with a friend

My girlfriend got a new puppy for her daughter, Cassidy, they choose a bassett hound puppy. They have to be one of the cutest dogs as puppies, as adults I will pass. I have asked her to send me pictures of the puppy for my artwork, I want to paint her. This is one picture she sent me I had to share online, it is too cute! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, I guess sometimes its just better to not sleep alone!

Another post already!

My hubby worked tonight, I don't sleep well when he is home so I really don't sleep at all when he is gone. It is now 2:00am and I think he will be here by 3, whats one more hour! I decided to paint tonight instead of doing the dishes! YIPPIE! I love being a rebel! I worked on painting a picture of some tea cups my mom brought me home from Barcelona, I love them. She carried them in her backpack all over Spain! They are tiny little demitass cups that look as though they were mosiacs. I think I over worked the piece a bit but its ok, I will try more later. This was a challenge in WH this month. Tomorrow I am meeting Marta for lunch and we are going to the Art museum to turn in our paintings for the members art show. It is not a juried show but should be great anyway. I am putting one of my cat pictures in and Marta is putting in a tomatoe painting she did. Maybe during lunch we will have a chance to draw or paint while visiting.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sending Flowers

I played with pencils today, I am working on a rather large graphite project for a online class at WC. The teacher is awesome, one of the most gifted graphite artists I have ever seen. When he offered this class I jumped on it, by coincidence it is about digging deep into ourselves and expressing some inner feelings. There were three different assignments to choose from. Anyway, I am not ready to post that yet, I have to photograph it first. But my pencils were out and I was tired of working on this seminude giant pencil drawing that I am trying not to smear. I decided to stop and draw a little ATC to finish something and feel like I accomplished something artwise today. Just some days it feels like I spin my wheels with little results. Here is my little graphite ATC which will go to one of the girls in our group, it is called sending flowers.

Finally! I got some pictures

My daughter finally emailed me some pictures of Nathan's room with his new mural. Since I kept forgetting my camera every time I went to visit I had to rely on her to send me some. Here they are, keep in mind that this is what my daughter wanted. Nathan actually loves the tiki guy because he has a bellybutton just like Nathans! Which he loves to show us by sticking his finger in his and then in the tiki guys. I also painted a bottle with a special message to Nathan and all his favorite toys below, he loves these toys because he can make all the sounds of the animals or motorcycles, the exception is the giraffee!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

I decided to take a few minutes this morning and paint before I had to start a mural job and potatoe salad for dinner. Seems like once I start my "have too's" I never get to my "want too's". In our front yard we have the coolest fountain, it is a big ball and the water flows out of a hole at the top and just streams down the ball into a small reservour in the triangular base, there it overflows into another catch basin and recirculates. It is just so different than most fountains. The area at the top that the water overflows out of kind of bubbles and often I find hummingbirds bathing themselves. I sat outside this morning and drank my coffee and quickly painted the fountain that is surrounded by roses in full bloom. FUN! Happy Memorial Day.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Well we made it back from UCLA, it was a long hard few days. We took Jenn in on the morning of the 22nd, we had to leave at 5 to make sure we were there by 8 since her surgery was scheduled for 10:30. She was totally trusting that God had the whole thing under control and wasn't worried. I, on the other hand, was a bit more worried, I know that God was allowing me to fret a bit. The surgery went well, her throat had closed up to about 1/4 of its original size and they were able to stretch it to about 1/2 its original size which the doctor felt would make all the difference in the world for her. They also told us that sometimes they have to do these surgeries multiple times since the scar tissue keeps reoccurring. UHHH, lets hope not. She did have some sort of allergic reaction to one of the medications so they kept her another day. She got to go home today, a little bruised but happy to be leaving the hospital. There is always so much to deal with when we are there, all hospitals are subject to human error, we had to deal with some this time as always, but we did have some great nurses too. I did manage to get some great picts of some of the surrounding areas to paint and sketched a very unflattering picture of Jenn with a rag over her eyes trying to bring down the temperature on her hot, flushed face. Jen said, how come when I go into the hospital you guys go into vacation mode! LOL we laughed, not understanding what she was talking about as we walked to a nearby restaurant to get dinner and talk. Well, maybe its the feeling that someone is taking good care of her and I can just relax, so shoot me.

When they were admitting her, the anesthesiologist was going to put in the IV, I warned him that she was a hard stick but he was confident he could do it. 15 trys later, Jennifer was a bruised, bloody mess, he kept apologizing and had to go get a pediatric doctor to do it. Her veins just kept rolling, or blowing when he would try and stick her! She never complained although I told him I wouldn't have been so nice. She has a high tolerance for pain but that was ridiculous! After surgery,that first night she was in a "monitored room" which was people on machines that the nurses needed to watch closely. It ended up being a room full of old men and she was the only female. She told me that next morning all they talked about was penis and testicles all night, she wanted out, she had had enough of that! She is so modest and hospitals are so blunt and matter of fact. We laughed as did her doctor when he had her moved to a room with a women. We thought our problems were over but this women was really miserable and had Jennifer calling for the nurse all night ( they had taken her call button away from her) and would scream and tell Jennifer to help her, using lots of expletives and slang. When I arrived this morning I found Jennifer on her phone trying to call the operator to get the doctor since the nurses weren't responding to the call button anymore! Poor Jenn, needless to say she tried hard to do what she could but was glad to be able to go home. LOL (Just a note about the pictures, the first is a playhouse across the street from the hospital we wanted to try and go to but didn't get to, the next is called Green's Castle in Pasadena, going to be on tour June 3 it is so beautiful and huge, the next is a giant flower that was growing in the courtyard eating area of the hospital, the flowers were huge, anyone know what it is? the last is Jenn, being admitted, some of the abuse on her left arm is already exposed by the bandages her kept putting on with those giant cotton balls!)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bug Fair

Today was the bug fair at the LA Natural History Museum. The museum is really awesome and the bug fair was really fun too. Jennifer is an avid bug collector and just loves insects. She has always had jars of bugs and reptiles around her room. After the crash I didn't want to be responsible for any "living" bugs but I agreed to let her continue collecting them "already dead" to hang on her walls. Yuck! But she loves them. She used to refuse to buy any pretty butterflies but now she does, thank God, her walls are full of beetles and spiders etc, might as well have some pretty bugs. Her and Troy, a life long friend, who is now 13, have been attending these fairs since Troy was about 3. They would buy things like, the Madagascar Hissing cockroach as pets, or the red toed tarantula, or walking sticks, praying mantis' etc alive and keep them as pets. When they would die they would pin them and frame them and put them on their walls, calling them their "dead pets". Yes it pretty creepy, I know, but she loved it, so I let her buy a giant millipede from Africa, she wanted to get it for Kylie, my granddaughter, but by the time I got home we had decided to let her keep it. I will have her hold it and get a good picture tomorrow, but for now you will have to enjoy these picts. I wanted to draw and paint but it was far too hectic. It is hard to believe that this many people go this crazy over bugs!!! The place was packed. They also had a butterfly exhibit, that is where I got this great photo. There were so many butterflies they were landing on everyone.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Life Drawing class

Last night was the museums monthly life drawing class. Marta and I went over early and had tapas and a sangria at Seville's a spanish resturant. It was really quiet and was great to just sit and visit with her for a bit before class. She painted as I talked and we ordered some great food. We ordered coffee and and apple tart ala mode for desert, yummy! There was not time to draw or paint that, we ate it too fast. It was just enough before our class. We had a wonder full figured black women to draw. I really was pleased with the results, Marta and I had both agreed that tonight we would paint masterpieces! Her facial features were hard for me to draw for several reasons. I was using one of my new giant graphite sticks and its like trying to draw details with a crayon, no good. Secondly, the lighting and her skin being so dark, made it hard to see lots of details and value changes. I started doing sketches but ended up painting one watercolor. It was a great night, so much fun and lots of people from the plein aire group too.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Farmers Market

On Saturday morning, Marta and I ran out to the Farmer's market for breakfast and a photo shoot. We had a great time in just a few hours, plus we brought home lots of goodies for the week. I love the colors of the vegetable and all the people milling around. There was even a 3 piece band playing. The market is one of the prettiest areas too so we got alot of good shots, we may try to plein aire paint next week!!! Here is my swiss chard, I painted it so I can eat it! Also a picture of Marta, armed with her camera, she needed a picture of a jewelry store for a painting she needed to do for one of her groups. She kept taking photos of this exclusive jewelry store, I was sure they thought we were casing the joint! More to come.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Quilt Camp Projects

Although I didn't complete these at camp, I did start them and decided to finish them right away so they wouldn't end up in the UFO pile. I am amazed at this paper piecing pattern I decided to try and do in honor of Rose. wow, the thousands of tiny pieces and the assembly instructions left alot to be desired. Anyway, I got it together, barely, and not perfectly, just don't look too close. I am sharing the back too, since that is where the rats nest really is! Where are the ironing police when you need them!? The bulk at the intersections was incredible! I was sewing over mountains and at one point I thought it would be easier to brush the threads verses cutting them. On Saturday we found this chalk board fabric and Marta and I both made these travel chalk mats, her for her niece, mine are for my grandkids. So cute and easy, email me if you want more information on it.

Quilt Camp in honor of Rose 2007

I belong to "The No-Rules Wendsday Night Quilt group that sometimes meets on Thursdays", LOL, and as crazy as the name seems the group is crazier. They are all alot of fun and each one of the ladies that comes bring a special spark to the group. We had such a good time, some quilted, some scrapbooked, some made cards, some knitted or crocheted. But we all had a wonderful time. We overlook the lake and it was so crisp and clear and cold up there this year. On Saturday night, after dinner, Dawn and Marta and I went into the spa. Brrrrrr, the wind was so cold so the spa felt great once we were in, the hot water and the wind biting at our faces. It was really wonderful just to have some time to visit with each other in such a lovely place. The saddest part about the trip was that we lost our Rose this past year, she had been a part of the group for I think about 20 years. Anyway, we did camp in remembrance of her. The gifts and all the auction items were themed with roses. And then to add to the sadness one of the other members also lost her husband suddenly and didn't come and our superior leader is moving to Tennessee. So needless to say camp was bittersweet this year. Life is so fleeting, so short, it must be appreciated. I didn't get too much accomplished and will post what I did soon.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Mural

My oldest daughter and her husband just bought their first home. We are so excited for them and we decided that we would paint Nathan (my grandson) a pirate room. I went over on Saturday to work on it and they were so indecisive so I told them to think about it and let me know. She then thought that the Jungle book would be cute then she changed her mind again. Two days later she called me to say that she had found the perfect thing for the room. They were like tiki people and she was going to do another aloha room with a different twist. OK I am game, so they brought me these scarey pictures from a Islands resturant placemat. I thought ok, this is her house, just paint whatever they want. I started yesterday and worked more today but forgot my camera. I am posting the first days work and will post my work in progress as I photograph it! I hope it turns out cute, I would hate to scare my grandson to death, he does have to sleep in this room. LOL So far I have roughed in the sand and water and the palm tree trunks.
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