Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

I decided to take a few minutes this morning and paint before I had to start a mural job and potatoe salad for dinner. Seems like once I start my "have too's" I never get to my "want too's". In our front yard we have the coolest fountain, it is a big ball and the water flows out of a hole at the top and just streams down the ball into a small reservour in the triangular base, there it overflows into another catch basin and recirculates. It is just so different than most fountains. The area at the top that the water overflows out of kind of bubbles and often I find hummingbirds bathing themselves. I sat outside this morning and drank my coffee and quickly painted the fountain that is surrounded by roses in full bloom. FUN! Happy Memorial Day.


Lin said...


Wendee said...

This is indeed the coolest fountain. I love these - and such a great painting of it. A nice way to start the morning!

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