Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sending Flowers

I played with pencils today, I am working on a rather large graphite project for a online class at WC. The teacher is awesome, one of the most gifted graphite artists I have ever seen. When he offered this class I jumped on it, by coincidence it is about digging deep into ourselves and expressing some inner feelings. There were three different assignments to choose from. Anyway, I am not ready to post that yet, I have to photograph it first. But my pencils were out and I was tired of working on this seminude giant pencil drawing that I am trying not to smear. I decided to stop and draw a little ATC to finish something and feel like I accomplished something artwise today. Just some days it feels like I spin my wheels with little results. Here is my little graphite ATC which will go to one of the girls in our group, it is called sending flowers.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

What a lovely study in black and white - really amazing.

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