Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another post already!

My hubby worked tonight, I don't sleep well when he is home so I really don't sleep at all when he is gone. It is now 2:00am and I think he will be here by 3, whats one more hour! I decided to paint tonight instead of doing the dishes! YIPPIE! I love being a rebel! I worked on painting a picture of some tea cups my mom brought me home from Barcelona, I love them. She carried them in her backpack all over Spain! They are tiny little demitass cups that look as though they were mosiacs. I think I over worked the piece a bit but its ok, I will try more later. This was a challenge in WH this month. Tomorrow I am meeting Marta for lunch and we are going to the Art museum to turn in our paintings for the members art show. It is not a juried show but should be great anyway. I am putting one of my cat pictures in and Marta is putting in a tomatoe painting she did. Maybe during lunch we will have a chance to draw or paint while visiting.


Sandy said...

Wow, these really are striking - Very nice work on the mosaic effect!

mARTa said...

hey, cool! Pretty colors! I just got done shopping at Jerry's paintbox and colors! what you thought we'd have time to sketch over margaritas? But the glasses were lovely weren't they?

Linda said...

How beautiful these cups are! I love all the gorgeous colors.
Enjoy the art show -- it must be the season for them right now! Isn't it great to have an art buddy?

Africantapestry said...

This is so beautiful...the mosaic is so weel done and still very fluid and the colors just wonderful.

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