Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bug Fair

Today was the bug fair at the LA Natural History Museum. The museum is really awesome and the bug fair was really fun too. Jennifer is an avid bug collector and just loves insects. She has always had jars of bugs and reptiles around her room. After the crash I didn't want to be responsible for any "living" bugs but I agreed to let her continue collecting them "already dead" to hang on her walls. Yuck! But she loves them. She used to refuse to buy any pretty butterflies but now she does, thank God, her walls are full of beetles and spiders etc, might as well have some pretty bugs. Her and Troy, a life long friend, who is now 13, have been attending these fairs since Troy was about 3. They would buy things like, the Madagascar Hissing cockroach as pets, or the red toed tarantula, or walking sticks, praying mantis' etc alive and keep them as pets. When they would die they would pin them and frame them and put them on their walls, calling them their "dead pets". Yes it pretty creepy, I know, but she loved it, so I let her buy a giant millipede from Africa, she wanted to get it for Kylie, my granddaughter, but by the time I got home we had decided to let her keep it. I will have her hold it and get a good picture tomorrow, but for now you will have to enjoy these picts. I wanted to draw and paint but it was far too hectic. It is hard to believe that this many people go this crazy over bugs!!! The place was packed. They also had a butterfly exhibit, that is where I got this great photo. There were so many butterflies they were landing on everyone.


Lin said...

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I remember when my son was into collecting insects -- mercy, I'm glad THAT"S over! Good shots, though!

mARTa said...

Can we go on a Lady Bug picnic soon?

Susan said...

Your daughter sounds destined to be an entomologist. She may be the one who discovers some wonderful new insect. How wonderful that you are letting her be who she is.

I totally understand her dead pets. In my classroom, I had a dead zoo - all kinds of dead things that I came up with. My aide killed a mouse one time and brought it in and we put that in a jar of alcohol - just like the snake the bus ran over. =) I had a lot of insects, including very large scorpions that my son brought me from a pool he was cleaning. Our class pet was Harry, the Tarantula. =)

Wendee said...

Oh, look at 'em all. I'm SO with you on insisting on letting in just the DEAD ones! LOL

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