Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Mural

My oldest daughter and her husband just bought their first home. We are so excited for them and we decided that we would paint Nathan (my grandson) a pirate room. I went over on Saturday to work on it and they were so indecisive so I told them to think about it and let me know. She then thought that the Jungle book would be cute then she changed her mind again. Two days later she called me to say that she had found the perfect thing for the room. They were like tiki people and she was going to do another aloha room with a different twist. OK I am game, so they brought me these scarey pictures from a Islands resturant placemat. I thought ok, this is her house, just paint whatever they want. I started yesterday and worked more today but forgot my camera. I am posting the first days work and will post my work in progress as I photograph it! I hope it turns out cute, I would hate to scare my grandson to death, he does have to sleep in this room. LOL So far I have roughed in the sand and water and the palm tree trunks.

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