Monday, April 30, 2007

" The Little Artist's"

Saturday was my latest venture with the Plein Aire group, this time Marta went along. We agreed to paint at a function called "Art in the Garden" at some private homes that were having tours through their gardens. They scattered the artists at all the homes that were on the tour. Marta and I were assigned to the same home. We decided to walk the property and decide where we would paint without all our gear first. We were required to paint from 10:30 - 4:30. It was only 10 am but it was in the 80's, we knew it was going to be a long, hot day. At one point during the day the owner, showing the property, referred to us as "the little artists". We had to laugh because we knew she was referring to her assumption of our social status but we decided to claim it as our body size. Its all in your perspective, right!? I have decided that everyone has an opinion about artists, maybe because the term is over used and is too vague. I hate to even call myself artists most of the time because I think people expect someone with blue hair and tons of jewelry with only part of their brain working. I think I look too main stream to qualify, so who really qualifies as an artist? Is it an education in art, or a teaching degree, award winning recognitions or just a gift to create. This word "Artist" is used to describe painters, sculptures, people who draw, designers, quilters, hair stylists, and Michelangelo. There seems to be no true qualifications to call ourselves artists, we can just assume the title. Years ago you had to study under the masters as an apprentice for years before you could consider yourself an artist. So maybe, we are little artists, that's OK, because its a journey. We come with different skill sets and exposure but with a desire to learn and improve, so I will enjoy being little because I have the ability to grow.

Here are my two paintings I did, they are fair, not too exciting, this plein aire thing is almost as challenging as some of the people I have met lately.


Lin said...

Fair?? Are you kidding? THEY"RE FANTASTIC!!!!! LOVE the scene, colors, and yet enough details to be glorious!! BRAVA!!!! Super work, and you ARE AN ARTIST!!

marilyn said...

looking at this blog - you are so interesting - loved your part about the look of an "artist". When I was an Art Director in publishing and told people I was an artist - their reply would be "you don't look like and artist" - you just gave me an idea of what people really think an artist should look like - in my hey day we called it "hippy" - the 60's rage!


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