Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Dos Lagos paintings

I have tried another, better but still not what I want. I find the harder I try the tighter my painting gets. AHHH and I am trying to get looser. Go figure. Anyway, I already started another one too, so I will see how that one turns out. Comments appreciated, I learn for each one. This is really a learning experience. This Saturday we have another plein aire paint day! Thank God for cameras.


Wendee said...

I do like this one better.

Maybe ... if you're trying to keep the paintings loose, and if you try hard, they get tighter, then maybe ... you should try not so hard? LOL! Kidding.

Why don't you try focusing on one focal area, and allow yourself to work tightly on that, and let the rest of it all be really loose? I was watching Karen the other day - - maybe use a wider brush ... so you won't be tempted to get in all the details in the whole scene.

I dunno. I struggle with painting, too. Practice makes perfect. Keep at it; it all looks really great, really fun.

Lin said...

Oh I love this, Desiree ... ! Your travel sketches are wonderful! Don't be so hard on yourself -- it's beautiful!!!

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