Saturday, April 21, 2007

More mini paintings

Hi all, I have been busy painting these little things, fun still. Two of this group are colored pencil drawings and the gerbera daisy is watercolor. I had the opportunity to go with Marta to an art store called Sterlings, wow, it was so big we didn't even get through the store before we had to leave. I was able to buy some things I had been looking for like acrylic inks but we didn't get to look at everything, so we need to plan another trip!
Tomorrow the Plein Aire group I joined at the Art museum has been asked to come a paint at a big Earth Day function at a fancy outdoor venue. I am excited and nervous, the owner wants the people to be able to watch the artists paint, he has agreed to purchase one painting from each artist, so there was a good turn out! Its a bit cold here and rainy, but I hope all goes well tomorrow. Will post some pictures later.

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Wendee said...

These are great litte paintings! What fun!

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