Thursday, April 26, 2007


Marta and I have been working on these little ATC's. She was doing them for fun, I was in a swap with WC. I don't know what it is about these little guys but they are so addicting. Maybe because they are small and fast but we have had fun. She painted me a wonderful china man, inspired by her brush she was painting with! She ended up sending it to me in the mail, I just love to get fun mail! So I thought I should reciprocate and send her some fun mail too. Even though hers was a postcard I was working on ATC's and so I painted her a statue in a garden in Italy. Another painting from my mom's photos from her vacation. Thats when it hit me! Lets share travels with each other through these trading cards. I thought it would be so fun, especially since she is going to Europe this summer for a MONTH!! Lucky her!! So here are some of my first cards plus Marta's postcard. What a fun project!

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Linda said...

They're all wonderful, but the little doorway is just so enchanting! Seems these ATC things are addictive.

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