Monday, July 09, 2007

IT's July 9 again!

Today is July 9, the anniversary of Jennifers crash. It is a weird day, it always feels weird. Some years I try to go out and fill the day with activities as if to say "I'll show you" and other years I hide away, giving into the power of the event that changed all of our lives. Today began gloomy, and I think I will stay inside today. Jennifer had a fishing trip over the weekend and won for the biggest fish! She is really amazing, never complains or gives up. She pulled this huge halibut in almost by herself, only a little help from dad and the guy with the gafting hook. She has figured out how to wind the reel now without bloodying her knuckles like she did those first few trips. She just keeps at it, determined not to give way to her physical limitations. I didn't go this year, Jenns brother, my son, and his kids went and all had a great time and caught enough fish for many dinners.

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Susan said...

I can only imagine how painful this is by trying to imagine one of my boys in a similar situation. That was a great fish she caught!

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