Sunday, March 01, 2015

Easter is just around the corner- Time for a giveaway

Your probably thinking wow, its only March!! I know, it feels a bit like Costco huh, with their Christmas decorations up in July. Well its all about timing, so to make sure you have time to display it I am giving you only a week to sign up and then on March 8th, the winner will be selected and my little Bunny block will be hopping its way to a new home!

I designed this fun 12"x12" Bunny Block but I haven't published yet, so you will  be the first to own it. I have it all ready to go, its sewn, has some cute wooden fabric covered buttons too. Maybe its ready to go to your house! Check out my FB page Desiree's Designs Studios and sign up! You only have a week to sign up this time. Lets make sure you get this cute Easter Block in time to hang it up before Easter!  Good Luck!

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An assortment of these handmade, fabric covered wooden buttons are new and I will be adding them to my website this week but they are in very limited amounts.


Gill said...

I signed up!!

GranChris said...

I would love to have the bunny. My niece would like this one.

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