Sunday, February 15, 2015

Spring is in the air!

I love this time of year where we live it is absolutely gorgeous. I know the heat will be here soon but for now I can't get enough sun. I have my garden planted, lawns are greening up and there is a newness about everything. I just wrapped up my latest give away, I hope you entered! It was so much fun I will be doing one each month so check back often. The warm weather inspired my painting which feels like spring to me. I painted, sewed and made this cute bookmark for Cathi Early who won my first give-away! Congrats Cathi!

Today I took some time to just enjoy the weather and the yard. The trees budding up and the daffodils blooming really inspire me! 

 Tiny reminders that spring is here for us, but sadly the east coast is still under tons if snow if freezing conditions. Jennifer and I are praying for all of you in this cold weather. We often talk about how hard it must be to be handicapped in those conditions, I can't imagine having to try and clear the walkway of snow to get Jennifer's wheelchair out to the car, oh and then clear the driveway etc. I am always so thankful I don't have to deal with that and I admire those who do it everyday! So to spread some sunshine here is another tiny reminder that spring is approaching! Hang in there!
 Randy disturbed a nest of baby cotton tails while working in the yard and they scattered! I caught one.
I think I might have to paint this!

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Joan Tavolott said... and sunshine and warm temps...I'm so jealous. We had a high of about 18 degrees today and had a little snow overnight. Yes, being handicapped in weather like this would present a challenge, not just clearing the snow but taking the extra time to get in and out of the van in the bitter cold. Most of us take so much for granted. Enjoy your warmth!

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