Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Stew of Self Doubt

I don't know why it is that no matter how much my brain tries to convince my heart I still deal with self doubt. Obviously, the more confident I feel in an area the less the self doubt is but, it still seems to creep up and catch me, when I am must vulnerable, like yesterday.

The what if's, the why's, the how comes, mixed with the tears, all start to stir into a giant pot of self doubt stew. Then to make things worse, everything else that comes along on during that time is added to the mixture like a bad seasoning, only to make it even harder to swallow.  Instead of throwing out the whole batch, like I should, I decide to just let it simmer.

It continues to stink up my whole day as it's foul odor permeates everything else that seems to come along.  It almost causes all the good things that are happening to melt away as it demands its way and tears away my confidence.  It happens to all of us, in many areas of our lives. This pot of self doubt will just continue to cook down into just a rue of fear, and we all know fear does.

Its what happens next that makes the difference. Its what I do with that fear and self doubt that will either make me breakthrough it or be overcome by it. Will I figure out a solution or curl up in defeat in the corner. It is my choice, it is your choice today.

 Today, I am throwing out that stew of self doubt,  and I have decided to bake some cookies instead!! Won't you join me?

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