Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another project

I signed up for another Christmas card exchange, actually two more. One is to be a pen and ink and one is watercolor or whatever media. I really loved doing the exchange last year and took the opportunity to design my cards early enough that I used them for my Christmas card with everyone. I hope to do the same this year. I have started with my pen and ink. I had this thought of the gift of the child with the holes representing the true gift of salvation. I think the card might read, Behold the gift....I don't know about adding color or more detail, like a crown of thorns etc. I am afraid it would get too busy, I think it might need to stay simple.

I am getting ready for quilt camp on Friday, I am so excited. We are going to Carlsbad CA down by the beach. We have a wonderful work room and Marta and I are sharing a hotel room. She has more to pack than I do since she leaves from quilt camp to Europe for a month!!! I know she is going to teach a class on book binding and we will make watercolor sketchbooks this trip! It should be lots of fun to see everyone again. I am looking forward to having some girl time. I have some things I have made for the auction that they have and I am bringing some door prizes. This group is really great about giving!! I can't wait to just paint and sew and laugh and eat while enjoying the company of these women. Yipppeee!!!


mARTa said...

I'm not sure now if I want to tag along with you since you are going to Carlsbad and I'm going to San Diego!!! is in SAN DIEGO this fall! LOL...I'm looking forward to the weekend as well!

Susan said...

I like it just as it is. I wouldn't add a thing. The message is clear, and the drawing is charming.

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