Thursday, March 26, 2009

Surprised again

I happened to be looking at the SAQA blog and was looking at some of the Call for entries. I went to Visions which is an art quilt gallery in San Diego and they are using my quilt as part of their advertising. I am very honored and surprised to see it when I opened up the website. Here is the link for anyone interested in it. One of lifes little surprises, thank God for those!


Joan said...

Desiree - This one and the Glass Beach one are just GORGEOUS!!! They are truly beautiful works of art...and that they are quilts just blows my mind!!

Ann Buckner said...

Gorgeous quilt and a wonderful surprise for you.

dominique eichi said...

Very beautiful piece and such a nice surprise but It should of not been one. They should of asked you first which is good business practices..

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