Sunday, March 21, 2010

Walk with the Animals

Every year the Humane society has a walk to raise money for the shelter, even after all these years we are still involved. Jennifer was the manager before her accident and she still loves the animals and what she did so we enjoy supporting them through different events. The walk this year was amazing. I can't believe how big its gotten, hundreds of people and their dogs showed up around 8ish to have a pancake breakfast and then go on the walk around the lake. The weather was wonderful and everyone seemed to have a great time.We took Chloe and Pee wee who enjoyed all the other dogs and treats they were handing out. There was agility demonstrations and freesby dogs too.  Here are a few sketches and pictures

This last picture is a friend that Pee wee found and he loved her. He keeps trying to talk her into coming onto his lap, but Pee wee would not oblige, she allowed him to love on her on her terms only, LOL. Such a girl.


Ai said...

Desiree, wonderful warm sketches of the human best friends. The event sounds so much fun.

Joan said...

Great pictures and sketches of the the one with the bow!! Sounds like a fun event to raise money.

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