Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The guardian of the vegetable garden

I have always had a vegetable garden. I love growing my own food, organically. Being able to go out and pick things right from the yard and then prepare them for dinner just feels right. I remember when the kids were little they loved to go into the garden and pick the strawberries or sweet peas and eat them right off the plant. I am glad that we never had to deal with pesticides. I have grown some pretty different things, trying to keep the kids interested in the garden. I have grown gourds, blue potatoes, peanuts, jicima, pumpkins, loffa sponges and more. Now my garden is so small compared to years back. It is just about the right size for the three of us. I could use one more bed but I spill over into the yard a bit and I think it is working. This year I bought a scarecrow and two crows just for fun. I thought the grandkids would like them. I put them into the garden box and now they are almost covered by the brocolli and cauliflower. Here is my sketch of my little vegetable garden and the new guardian of the food!


Helen Percy Lystra said...

Adorable scarecrow but would he scare the crows? Too cute to do that. I wish we had room for a garden, a small plot of herbs is all I have space for.

Joan said...

Love the scarecrow peeking out from the garden...cute!! I would love a garden too, but I only have a small patio at my apt and it is in shade for most of the day. I'll come visit yours instead. lol

Bev C said...

I love your scarecrow, we have trouble with parrots eating the tips of the roses. We made a scarcrow with a wonderful bright blue flowerpot head and the parrots have never touched that bed of roses again. Have fun eating those beautiful veggies. Happy days.

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