Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Randy's birthday weekend and Houses for Haiti

Nothing warms my heart like having family around. We had two of our grandchildren this weekend and I had lots of things planned. The clouds rolled in on Saturday and it poured most of the day, it was a perfect day to stay inside, in our pj's and work on crafts. I always have an art project when they come to stay. I love that I am the "artist" Nana, the one that shares their creative side. I shared the Houses for Haiti project with them and they were excited to become a part of trying to help other kids. We had such fun making eggplant sandwiches (I got menu requests via email prior to their visit) and making houses on Saturday. They are amazing young people, with sweet, loving spirits and so much fun. Here we are, working on our houses, which totaled 59 that we are selling to raise money to send to Haiti relief. They chose Doctors without Borders as the charity to send their money.

On Sunday night everyone came to the house to celebrate Randy's birthday. I made spaghetti, salad and garlic toast and we ate and talked and played with the twins as they ran back and forth through the kitchen. Melissa laid in the recliner, having small contractions and hopes that her first baby will soon arrive. At one point that night, in the middle of all the activity, I looked around and listened. I thanked God for this crazy bunch of people I call my family, with all of their imperfections, perfections, quirks, personalities we love them so much. I listened to the loud roar of the conversation, the TV, the kids screaming and laughing, the noisy toys and for a minute I just let myself absorb the glory of it all. How lonely it would be without them, how thankful I am for each of them. After dinner the games began, all the kids included and then pie instead of cake. Here is our weekend celebration and our Haiti houses we are selling. It was a weekend the house was full of the sounds of laughter, kids giggling in their beds instead of sleeping, little feet running up and down the halls, video games and laughter, did I mention laughter!

Wow, now to clean up the mess!


Susan said...

You're very lucky, Desiree, and it's wonderful that you really appreciate it.

Rosemary said...

Thanks for sharing these precious family moments with us! Your blog is awesome and I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award. It's waiting for you on my blog.

Ai said...

Wow... what a fun and warm gathering Desiree. Those houses look fantastic and upbeat. They sure will bring Haiti a much needed positive vibe.

Joan said...

What a wonderful project to get the kids involved in!!! Glad you are all close enough to get together and celebrate.

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