Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finally I can reveal the whole quilt- Tortured Soul

I know that I only posted a small cropped image of this quilt since we were all sworn to silence prior to the judging. I am sharing all of it now, yesterday I was informed that the piece was selected to hang in the show that will be at Long Beach, CA this year. I will be posting more information on the right side soon. It was an invitational juried exhibit so I was not only honored to be asked again this year but so excited when we were emailed the list of accepted quilts. Our group that did the fractured quilt in Sallys honor were all asked to submit quilts this year and I am proud to say the three of us were excepted this year! Yeahhhhh, way to go everyone.  The theme was "Beneath the surface" and my quilt depicts the things that haunt us or torment us that we keep hidden or buried beneath the surface. I did this sketch in life drawing class and even as I drew her she looked haunted and I wondered what she was thinking or worrying about. The sketch has always been one of my favorites since it really showed worry. When I decided to try and translate it into fabric I was worried it would lose the haunting look she had. I am happy with it. It is done with machine applique, paint, micro stippling and thread work, I have also hidden about 8 words within the background, you have to search them out to find them. Its another message of caring enough about each other to look past the surface and to share the true persons issues. It is the hope that we not let our relationships be so shallow but we reach deeper and care for each other.


Ann Buckner said...

Very expressive and congratulations on the acceptance into the juried show. Wish I were in Long Beach to view it IRL.

Nancy Goldman said...

Congratulations on your quilt being accepted into the show. It's a very powerful image. This must have taken you forever to make. It has so much detail.

Joan said...

Desiree - Congratulations!!! This is gorgeous! It would be impressive as a painting, but done in fabric just blows my mind. How large is this? You just amaze me.

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