Saturday, November 09, 2013

Day 9- Presents all around!

It's day 9 of the create everyday challenge and I am still going strong! As things turned out it was a day full of presents, presents for me, presents for my mom (it's her Birthday today) and a present for a friend! I love presents and we had decided to do retro birthday gifts for our next birthdays, I got mine today! Jean Nate, two CD's full of the the billboard top songs for the year, the Godfather movie, all stuff from when I was Sixteen! So much fun, and I just happened to have gotten her a book signed by Susan Branch since she was unable to go with me. Today we all had gifts to open, my mom enjoying all the cards and gifts sent her way, me and my retro birthday gifts and Dawns surprise book. 

So for my create challenge I took some of the brown craft wrapping paper that came as protective wrapping on some glassware and repurposed it to be wrapping paper for Dawns book. 

I am on an olive kick right now so I grabbed my Coptic markers and started by drawing some leaves and stems onto the paper.
Just laying out the basic shape and design, I started with an olive green pen.
Then added more color and olives.
Adding different greens to the leaves and more floating olives this time.
After getting all my colors layered in and I was happy with it I added white highlights with my favorite white Sakura pen. The paper was a bit crinkly from being used as protective wrap, I liked that fact and decided to make that more noticeable by distressing it with some distressing inks.

After the inks had dried it was time to wrap her book!

Almost done! Time for the bow!

All done and ready to surprise her with! notice how I used a plastic covered mat to work on to protect my table surface, the ink pens did bleed through so be careful! I still have 3 sheets of brown paper left. Anyone interested?

Thankful for friends and gifts!

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Joan Tavolott said...

Happy Birthday! Retro gifts sound so fun. I love the paper you decorated...wonderful job!

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